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Solifidian Lilith - The Starship From Hell

I can review it quickly before go into the starship for Hulks & Horrors.

Get it here, it is very very good simple tool to make great spaceships and hulks your player characters might encounter in horror-ish science fiction adventures. There are no stats whatsoverer so this is extremely easy to use with any system you ever can imagine using it with. No art but who needs art when there are cool tables enough to make an interesting and possibly adventuring location. Now go, it is  PWYW. But this is very good and easy + fun to use I highly suggest you toss some coins for +Rafael Chandler. He does great stuff.

I am not going to review Hulks & Horrors now. I just say it is a good small game with strong OSR roots. PDF is free, print is inexpensive. HERE!

Done, let's start. All ship information randomly rolled using The Starship From Hell are modified to fit Hulks & Horrors. The map was made using H&H hulk random generator. Then all was mashed up together and this is the result:




Destruction of the stellar dreadnough Plaguebearer in wrapped time-space nearby created lethal and dangerous anomalia what surrounded Solifidian Lilith. The ship used to board Solifidian Lilith looses all its power for unknown reason. The power can be restored... somehow...


Third planet in Theta Hydrae system. Forest planet, botched terraforming, carnivorous and sentient plant beasts. No reports of colonies. Holy monolith of the ancients.

The civilian and civilized population of CEL has been infected with a biomechanical syndrome that results in heightened aggression and a diminished sense of shelf. Coupled with the integrated biological weaponry that the syndrome installs, the planet's civilians are now a veritable army in search of a commander. The ship's crew members are preparing to land on the planet so they can begin the work of testing new experimental medicine on this biomechanical disease.


TYPE: Class V (Medical Cruiser)
ARMOR: IV - AC/AP 6/80 - Mass 200 (Medium shields)
MAIN ENGINES: II - Subspace multiplier x3 - Sun-light speed 2 AU/hr. - Mass 100 (Low speed)
WEAPONS: Mk 2 Beam weapons x2 - Mk 1 Mass drivers x1 - Mk 1 Missile weapons x1 (Medium)
THRUSTERS: +/-0 Medium manouverability)

MISSION: Carrying supplies to the third planet of Theta Hydrae, a system around a black hole. Supplies are experimental medicines to revert biomechanical syndrome from the victims. The medicine is lethal, but that's not known yet...


  1. Cockpit. Technological wonder. Forest in a can (H&H p. 103)
  2. Trajectory targeter. Tracking system for weapons to follow targets. Wrist computer.
  3. Teleport bay. Force field. Upon entry, the room seals with force fields. WIS to find panel, INT to disable panel. Air runs out in 10 minutes.
  4. Teleport bay
  5. Sick bay/laboratory. Equipment and space for four patients. Nine Walking dead (H&H p. 134)
  6. Microbar. Artifact, religious icon, worth 500 cr.
  7. Crew quarters - 10 rooms.
  8. Life support. Sentient, aggressive crew.
  9. Sensor arrays. Blade launchers. Razor sharp blades fly from the wall at any motion. DEX save to avoid, 1D8 damage.
  10. Shuttle bay. Includes equipment for repairing, fuel etc. In a locker there are strong alien pharmaceutical medicines/drugs.
  11. Escape pods. Four pods. Skeletals (H&H p. 128)
  12. Cloaking device. Anthropophagi (H&H p. 111)
  13. Cargo bay and engines. A collection on furry stuffed alien monsters has been neatly arranged along the walls.  Sentient, aggressive crew.

CHIEF OF SECURITY NEREA CORDOBA is pinned in engine rooms. She is holed in avoiding sentient crew.
- Irritable, inpatient
- Expertise in history
- Posssessions: 10 liters of nectar drug. If things don't sort out soon, she'll going to have a helluva trip

SCIENCE OFFICER VIVATIA FARIDA is in the cockpit sending distress signal.
- Vain, passive-aggressive
- Expertise in medical science
- Possessions: Experimental personal force field generator. Protects from damage in range of 3-5 points, stops working if 1 or 6 for damage is rolled.

ANALYST TRI BALTIJO is in teleport bay (3) trying to get them to work to get out of the ship!
- Humble, kind
- Expertise in xenobiology
- Member of Leilani Conglomerate. They worship harmony but insist that order requires chaos
- Control codes for military rank sense-net. Possessing this is an act of treason.

RELIGIOUS PILGRIMS traveling to below planet CEL (Tau Ceti C) to claim back their religious monument an cult has claimed as their own. Bloodbath and massmurder is unevitable.
- There is a 1 in 3 change that a religious pilgrim can be encoutered when entered an area. 1-2 aggressive, 3-5 neutral, 6 friendly.

Hit Dice: 1D8 (6)
To-Hit: +3
TAAC0: 8
AC: 5
Initiative: 14
Save: 16
Attacks: Pulse rifle 3D6H2 (R), Vibro-sword 1D10 (M)
# Appearing: 1D3
Behavior: special

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