Saturday 27 December 2014

Crafting paper minis with Silvervine Games Paper Mini Maker

The Review

For a free product this is very nice. Open up this PDF (works only in Adobe Acrobat Reader), click on SCG logos and choose pictures. It automatically turns the back side picture upside down and scales the picture.

Finding pictures is easy! Google is your friend, and for example with searchterms like "D&D ROGUE" you quite easily find what you need. Just remember how use of pictures is or is not restricted.

It comes with two template sizes, normal and big for bigger monsters.

It is free and easy to use, but also there are some flaws.

There's lots of stuff on the page what only consumes precious ink. And with better arrangement there could have been even more space for few extra minis to fit the printable area. This is basically only thing that annoys me, a lot. Also you cannot save your minis for later printing. I can see several reasons why, for example that people cannot share their print-ready-minis with pictures you aren't supposed to work.

Worth trying, I say:


On the left there's one dwarf already cut. Also cutting 1"x1" bases for minis from ordinary leftover cardboard.
Mini folded and ready to be glued on the base. Folding is easy thanks for the lines. That is a dwarven warrior. Background intentionally yellow for easy recognition.
Glued on the base but I don't understand why the paper base is 1"x2". Easy to trim, though.
Dwarf warriors and adventurers ready! I think these are Citadel Warhammer miniatures.
Also a good selection or rogues, thieves and other sneaky characters and fighters.
For the Labyrinth Lord evening I needed some undead giants for the good guys to fight with. Almost cut. These are bigger compared to normal characters.
Undead giant folded and ready to be glued together.
Pretty cool! In the background you see three first I created without photoshuupin' backgrounds off.
Sizes from left to right: Undead giant, human rogue, dwarf warrior. I think the size difference really does matter.
Player character and NPCs. From left to right: Derek The Wizardslayer, Cleric; Shakespeare, homunculus turnip parasite Magic-User; Amaro Utharo, Elf; Lore, Rogue; Elvar, human Fighter; Margesh Blackblood. Fighter. These guys are for Labyrinth Lord.
Where Is Margesh Blackblood? is a great adventure by: +Tim Shorts. Review.
Necromantic cultists and their boss Gurah on the front right.
Whole bunch of minis for one night's game!
Comparing sizes with an ordinary D20.
Because the undead giants attacked behind a mountain we needed to craft a mountain also. That's a 24 can beer box I first cut in half and the other half I cut in half in two uneven sizes. Then I arranged them from largest piece to smallest to a tower. Some tape to hold it together.
White filling paper for packaging is just like snowy mountain surface - in a paper mini world!

Thursday 25 December 2014

[Rules] How player characters might find items they need?

Simple rule. If player characters own a castle, spaceship or a dungeon they conquered last month there's a big change that there are items left behind from previous settlers. But it is too time consuming to make an imaginary inventory of every nail and board and toothbrush! Here's a quick solution:

 Can We Find It?
When players ask can they find item X in their place, there's one-in-X chance there is one of these items. The X chance varies by how rare and powerful the item is. A simple tool might be 1-in-3-chance (result 1 with 1D3) when an ancient relic to open dimensional portal to Limbo might be 1-in-1000-change (result 1 with 1D1000). Naturally the probablity of the desired item being found depends on a setting, and location where it is been searched. A tome of magic necromantic in nature is easier to find in old crypt than in a bakery.
There is a big change that the item is worse compared to an item your player have bought. But hey, these are free items you happen to find behind that cupboard or in the dusty corner of the hangar. 
Now that the item is or is not found, there are some other things you might consider. For example...
I am not going to write long rules for the condition, but you might roll a D4 to determine what's the abstract condition of the item. Result "1" is 25% of original condition, "2" is 50%, 3 is 75% and 4 is 100%, mint. Also if you rolled 4, roll again. If you roll another 4, the condition is 125% of the original! If you want to go crazy and roll another 4, just add 25% to the previous (exploding dice).
The condition might affect item in many different ways. Here are some examples how:
  • Reduced damage every 25%. 75% condition is -1 to damage, 50% condition -2 and 25% decreases damage die one step (1D8 longsword now deals 1D6 damage). If item is in a better than original condition, the weapon deals one die step higher damage (1D8 longsword would do 1D10 damage).
  •  Reduced protection. -1 per 25% below 100%. Better than mint condition adds 1 to AC.
  •  Tools or other equipment you need to use to achieve something give penalties or bonuses to dice rolls. 1 bonus or penalty per 25% over or under 100%.

Solifidian Lilith - The Starship From Hell

I can review it quickly before go into the starship for Hulks & Horrors.

Get it here, it is very very good simple tool to make great spaceships and hulks your player characters might encounter in horror-ish science fiction adventures. There are no stats whatsoverer so this is extremely easy to use with any system you ever can imagine using it with. No art but who needs art when there are cool tables enough to make an interesting and possibly adventuring location. Now go, it is  PWYW. But this is very good and easy + fun to use I highly suggest you toss some coins for +Rafael Chandler. He does great stuff.

I am not going to review Hulks & Horrors now. I just say it is a good small game with strong OSR roots. PDF is free, print is inexpensive. HERE!

Done, let's start. All ship information randomly rolled using The Starship From Hell are modified to fit Hulks & Horrors. The map was made using H&H hulk random generator. Then all was mashed up together and this is the result:




Destruction of the stellar dreadnough Plaguebearer in wrapped time-space nearby created lethal and dangerous anomalia what surrounded Solifidian Lilith. The ship used to board Solifidian Lilith looses all its power for unknown reason. The power can be restored... somehow...


Third planet in Theta Hydrae system. Forest planet, botched terraforming, carnivorous and sentient plant beasts. No reports of colonies. Holy monolith of the ancients.

The civilian and civilized population of CEL has been infected with a biomechanical syndrome that results in heightened aggression and a diminished sense of shelf. Coupled with the integrated biological weaponry that the syndrome installs, the planet's civilians are now a veritable army in search of a commander. The ship's crew members are preparing to land on the planet so they can begin the work of testing new experimental medicine on this biomechanical disease.


TYPE: Class V (Medical Cruiser)
ARMOR: IV - AC/AP 6/80 - Mass 200 (Medium shields)
MAIN ENGINES: II - Subspace multiplier x3 - Sun-light speed 2 AU/hr. - Mass 100 (Low speed)
WEAPONS: Mk 2 Beam weapons x2 - Mk 1 Mass drivers x1 - Mk 1 Missile weapons x1 (Medium)
THRUSTERS: +/-0 Medium manouverability)

MISSION: Carrying supplies to the third planet of Theta Hydrae, a system around a black hole. Supplies are experimental medicines to revert biomechanical syndrome from the victims. The medicine is lethal, but that's not known yet...


  1. Cockpit. Technological wonder. Forest in a can (H&H p. 103)
  2. Trajectory targeter. Tracking system for weapons to follow targets. Wrist computer.
  3. Teleport bay. Force field. Upon entry, the room seals with force fields. WIS to find panel, INT to disable panel. Air runs out in 10 minutes.
  4. Teleport bay
  5. Sick bay/laboratory. Equipment and space for four patients. Nine Walking dead (H&H p. 134)
  6. Microbar. Artifact, religious icon, worth 500 cr.
  7. Crew quarters - 10 rooms.
  8. Life support. Sentient, aggressive crew.
  9. Sensor arrays. Blade launchers. Razor sharp blades fly from the wall at any motion. DEX save to avoid, 1D8 damage.
  10. Shuttle bay. Includes equipment for repairing, fuel etc. In a locker there are strong alien pharmaceutical medicines/drugs.
  11. Escape pods. Four pods. Skeletals (H&H p. 128)
  12. Cloaking device. Anthropophagi (H&H p. 111)
  13. Cargo bay and engines. A collection on furry stuffed alien monsters has been neatly arranged along the walls.  Sentient, aggressive crew.

CHIEF OF SECURITY NEREA CORDOBA is pinned in engine rooms. She is holed in avoiding sentient crew.
- Irritable, inpatient
- Expertise in history
- Posssessions: 10 liters of nectar drug. If things don't sort out soon, she'll going to have a helluva trip

SCIENCE OFFICER VIVATIA FARIDA is in the cockpit sending distress signal.
- Vain, passive-aggressive
- Expertise in medical science
- Possessions: Experimental personal force field generator. Protects from damage in range of 3-5 points, stops working if 1 or 6 for damage is rolled.

ANALYST TRI BALTIJO is in teleport bay (3) trying to get them to work to get out of the ship!
- Humble, kind
- Expertise in xenobiology
- Member of Leilani Conglomerate. They worship harmony but insist that order requires chaos
- Control codes for military rank sense-net. Possessing this is an act of treason.

RELIGIOUS PILGRIMS traveling to below planet CEL (Tau Ceti C) to claim back their religious monument an cult has claimed as their own. Bloodbath and massmurder is unevitable.
- There is a 1 in 3 change that a religious pilgrim can be encoutered when entered an area. 1-2 aggressive, 3-5 neutral, 6 friendly.

Hit Dice: 1D8 (6)
To-Hit: +3
TAAC0: 8
AC: 5
Initiative: 14
Save: 16
Attacks: Pulse rifle 3D6H2 (R), Vibro-sword 1D10 (M)
# Appearing: 1D3
Behavior: special

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Creating a character for Hulks & Horrors

Hulks & Horrors is read and game is ready to begin! This neat scifi game has so much great, and one of the coolest races (as class like in B/X) is Hovering Squid. There are stat requirements but I'll keep my fingers crossed to be able to create one of these guys!

This awesome picture by:
Hovering squids are like hovering octopuses with beak and everything. They have tentacles and can multi-task easily. Let's start!

3D6 In Order

Everyone know this already! To get a squidstats I need minimum DEX of 7 and maximum STR of 16. My stats and modifiers are as following:

STR: 10 (melee to hit and damage 0)
DEX: 11 (AC and ranged to hit 0)
CON: 17 (HP +2)
INT: 14 (Charge 2)
WIS: 14 (Psi 2)
CHA: 10 (Languages 2, Sl'ettexik-sa (squid-people-talk) and Tradespeak)

Choose Your Class

I already did when I read the book! My class is a hovering squid! I can multi-task, I got directional awareness, I can entangle with my tentacles, and I can sense inorganic life.

Hit Points

My HD is D8, and I get +2 from high Con. My hit points score is 6.

To-hit Scores

Either I use Thac0 as a solid number or refer to a chart. My choice. My Thac0 is 5. I need to roll below my that score + enemy AC. Wonky, but I'll get used to it and it works as good as any D&D-clone to-hit.

Saving Throws

Saves are same as my Dex, Con and Wis (more like 3E instead of B/X/1E) and I get +1 bonus to Dex.

Choose Programs And Powers

I ain't scientist nor psionic, so nothing here for me. Programs and Psi-powers basically replace wizard and cleric spells of fantasy settings.

Buy Equipment
See, Mass Effect is doing it right!

3D6 x 100 credits. I got 1500.

I can use pistols and daggers (there are weapon restrictions for classes) so those are what I buy first. My tentacles make it easier to wield two guns for me so I am going to buy two guns! A Particle Beamer is most powerful pistol! One of those thank you, also some ammo (100 shots). And a laser pistol is a solid gun (damage is 2D6, keep highest). 60 shots. A simple shiv (1D3 dmg) can be my tool and backup defense.

960 credits spent! 540 left.

I can use light armor. Fiberweave and my AC is 7 instead of unarmored 9. Costs 100.

I've got 440 credits for other equipment, like protective filter masks, batteries, general equipment, computerized devices and so on. One think I am going to buy from this list (this is the boring part in my opinion anyways) is Wrist computer for 200 cr. It has all functions of modern mobile phone from network access to puzzle games and a camera. Also includes old Allman Brothers albums from 20th century (I am not making this up).

Finishing Touches

Name is hard to come by when my hovering squid race don't use consonants B, F, M, P etc. Hoodtsssax is his name...

When I spread my last seed, I was capable to produce, into the collective birth pool I was no use as a member of our society anymore. Well, maybe I could have been useful, but I decided that I wouldn't be to make my leave much easier. I've always been curious about space and stars. Distant worlds. So, now I try to get myself hired in a space ship to start my journey and adventure.

Hulks & Horrors character creation is fast and fun. And it doesn't end there. As a GM you have so many things to create. Space ships, solar systems and sectors, space stations, hulks, ruins, cities...

Sunday 21 December 2014

[Review] Where Is Margesh Blackblood?

Also available as tiny booklet.
Margesh and his bandits have been terrorising the countryside. There's a price for his head. But where is Margesh?

In 10 (total 12 pages plus covers) pages of adventure text and maps there's lots of fun. The maps are good and locations vary from each other for an interesting location based hide and seek.

There is replay value even for GMs because in the beginning of the adventure Margesh's location is randomly determined from the four hideouts.

I had fun running this, and my player had fun playing this.

I can highly recommend this for one nights fun or a filler.

In My Game

Margesh was a female. I don't know why, but from the beginning before I started to read this I got that idea from the title. Really Margesh is a guy in this adventure. But isn't female brigandine more... appealing?

For the rest of the campaign (I used Labyrinth Lord), Margesh was NPC ally of the character who decided to save her life.
This adventure is designed for Swords & Wizardry rules but is easily all-OSR-compatible.

GM Games is one of my favorite publishers. Available at DriveThru, pay-what-you-want.

Friday 19 December 2014

[Review] Fetishistic Arcana by Violent Media

Fetishistic Arcana by +Edward Lockhart is a 25 pages supplement introducing magical fetishes for OSR rulesets.

Fetish is like a magical item but instead of being powerful alone it enchants or power-ups spells cast using or through the fetish. These trinkets are a nice addition for normal "plus this and that" or "get a spell or power wearing it" magic items. There are 14 of them.

All are very nice and there's plenty of variety between the fetishes. Almost every fetish has description how to create one. The creation is more like witchcraft than clean laboratory or library work. Items needed to create a fetish vary from jawbones to a crystal what needs real determination to complete.

Effects vary. Many boost or alter spells but some have different effects, even compared to a cursed item. Also many items have a flaw might make their use a little unpredictable (if you roll badly for example) or even risky.

Also after I read this the concept and template of fetishes was very inspiring. It is easy to create your own (other thing is are those good, heh).

Boring Stuff

I liked content a lot! But what about the PDF file? Decent easy to read layout, no big mistakes jumping out, was a joy to read on my mobile phone (really, no text re-flow or anything needed).

Illustration is simple, style original and colorful. Quite nice.

But everything is not perfect! There is one annoying thing I must mention. It doesn't affect the content, it just bugs me.

Page numbering. What is great is that Table of contents/Fetish chart entries are all clickable links what throw you right away to the right page. That is damn sweet (worked on my mobile phone too, extra points for that). The page numbering just is whacky. I don't know was it supposed to be in sync with chart results or not. D10 roll 1 content is on page 1. D10 roll 2 content is on page 2 etc. Until there's a full page picture what screws everything up. D10 roll 4 content is on page 5... The page number where this Table of contents/Fetish chart is on page A what indicates that ToC should be in sync with actual page numbers...

But then there are results 1-3, 4-6 etc. for Ancient fetishes and there page numbering doesn't even try to follow (MY) logic.

Anyways this is only a bug in MY mind and doesn't affect the product anyways.

Edward's answer:
"The deal with the fetish chart is this: if you roll a ten on it, roll another d10 to figure out which ancient fetish you got. The numbers are for the d10 results and don't really have anything to do with page numbers."


Very good little PDF "booklet" that introduces interesting "minor magic items" with real character. If you like interesting "minor magic items" with real character, check this out. If you are not interested in these fetishes consider twice, this is cheap you know!

I am most definitely going to check out more products from Violent Media in the future. THAT looks very interesting... oh and mutations! Hell yes for mutations. Random charts, I love random charts...

Get it from DriveThruRPG. Current price, $2.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

[Review] No Salvation For Witches

Blue bookmark ribbon for those who beat crowdfunding average.

You might already know what a premise for +Lamentations of the Flame Princess products is. If you don't, this product has gore and full frontal nudity illustrated. This truly is not safe for work.

Written by +Rafael Chandler, the metal dude of OSR and RPGs.

Physical Quality

Hardback, 64 sturdy pages, full color illustration. Great layout. Inside covers with maps. If you think that hardcover Rules & Magic LotFP rules book is a 10, this book is 11 in my opinion. One of the best physical product qualities in LotFP line (cannot make comments of A Red & Pleasant Land because don't own it).

The Premise

Witches are performing a ritual. If the ritual is a success it will have huge impact on the world. If it doesn't it still might have a big impact on characters' lifes.

The Setting

What now is LotFP standard also this adventure takes place in 17th century Europe, England in this case. The area has five encounter areas. Three pieces that can also work alone to access the finale. Whole area is a trick. Once you enter, you cannot get out that easily anymore.

The area is affected by a ritual what makes it hostile, horrific and weird.

This Is What It Is Like

The encounter areas are easy to run and each have something weird or horrible going on. I also like how some things, especially nearing the finale, might start to interact more or less.

You might make allies or enemies. You can fight monsters, or might never find them. There are some treasures magical in nature. Of course these also have drawbacks. No +3 sword of flames here.

There is a time limit and after it things happen in one way or another (two endings). It is up to players and a Referee to drive the characters. There are no suggestion why or how the characters should start exploring and starting to figure out what is going on and how to deal with it. Witty Referee can imagine motives for the characters but it would have been great if the author gave some rough ideas. It's always interesting to read how the author has thought the adventure could work out.

If you already are familiar with LotFP core rules summon spell you get something similar here. A gory manuscript what details human sacrifices to perform a ritual to summon a monster. What is great about this it also can be a monster generator for weird, horrific, and unique monsters for any of your LotFP adventures!

Witches are great NPCs!


There could be some ideas for motives why and how characters get into this area and some guidelines how they might start to figure out the puzzle pieces. Simple exploring here and there is a little pointless with strict time limit.

Some of the parts of this adventure are a little bland. Horrific and weird and gory for sure, but a little out of place. They feel like they're just there for additional bloody effects. I don't say it is bad if you think it in B-horror style with random gore (talking about woods encounter here).

Even if the page number clocks at 64 pages the adventure itself is not that big. As I already stated only five encounter areas. But it can be interesting, if you play NPCs right and there could be some very nice interaction. Up to players and how they roll.

Did I Like It And Should You Get It?

Of course I liked this! My perception is fogged by my fanboy-ism! This is good shorter location based adventure with lots of "yuck" in it. And it looks good and was fun to read. Also "monster generator" is great addition because it gives longevity for the book even after you've run it for your group.

Also if you like gore and shocking content this is top quality.

Avoid if you don't like full frontal nudity, gore, and not safe for work content.

Print + PDF available at LotFP store HERE.
PDF available at LotFP store HERE.
PDF also available at RPGNow HERE.

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Mead & Mayhem is published

Mead & Mayhem is an OSR supplement compatible with most old-school fantasy rules. It includes rulings for tavern fights and a D30 table with 40 entries. The longer the pub brawl lasts more likely things can escalate to catastrophe and mayhem!

Written by me (Daniel "Thaumiel Nerub" Neffling) and +Jonas Mustonen

Pay what you want at RPGNow. Get it HERE!

+Rob Monroe kindly pointed out some grammatical and wording problems in this supplement. Those will be edited and fixed at some point. Thank you Rob!

Sunday 14 December 2014

[Review] The Mini Manor by GM Games

Swords & Sorcery (Appreciation Day) compatible tiny dungeon crawl adventure with weird and gore.

"You're naked.
Cut up.
Shackled to a dead guy.
On the other side of the room is a guy cutting the face off a corpse.
Your foot bumps a severed arm.

Sounds fun, doesn't it? This gruesome little adventure is designed for one third level character. A nice map with eight room descriptions and a random encounter table should be good for one shorter evening. The adventure might go quite well (I mean not dying) or it can be pretty tough. Some encounters are tougher than others but if there's space for roleplaying and not only rolling dice I think a clever player can get out - alive.

This reminds me a little of Saw movies and Planescape: Torment computer game beginning. I think this could be very neat start for a solo campaign in weird fantasy world, maybe Carcosa even. Or some other pretty dark place.

What I like is that there's this situation presented, go explore and try to survive it. No explanations why, or what next. Usually I'd like to read some thoughts from the author about the background of the adventure and possible future premises after the adventure (my choice should I use those, but its fun to read other's thoughts) but The Mini Manor is so damn inspiring for me in its little form that I didn't long for additional explanations or inspiration. Some of the encounters in this adventure seemed a little random, but I accept it as part of the "weird".

In 21 pages there's a neat little dungeon survival adventure, encounter table, new race, new spell and a spread of new magic items. The new race is pretty cool! Would be neat one-player campaign start to begin exploring weird and horrible world after this dungeon, as a Faceless race.

You should check this out because:
  • GM Games and +Tim Shorts do good stuff
  • It is free
  • Quick, small, new cool race
Avoid, if:
  • You don't like horror and gore or get offended by this kind of material


The Mini Manor by GM Games' +Tim Shorts is a small booklet format adventure available for free at RPGNow.

Sunday 7 December 2014

Cleric Blessed Holy Symbol

Cleric Blessed Symbol

The wielder of this holy symbol can turn undead, as a Cleric who blessed it with prayers -3 levels, (minimum 1 maximum 5). Every time non-cleric turns undead with this item there's 50% change it won't work anymore. The god's favor wears off.

If a 0-level cleric or religious figure/person blesses a holy item it will only work once at turning undead.

The Cleric must save or he looses 1d3 permanent CON. It is not an easy task to bless items. Otherwise there would be blessed turn undead items everywhere, right!

"A good thing for priests to have lying around the church to make them useful without making them all classed Clerics." +James Young 

Quick magic item for my Labyrinth Lord game I am running right now. The player's character goes solo after evil necromancer Gurah so I needed a quick "buff" item for her.

Saturday 6 December 2014

[LL] Gurah, the evil wizard, dark sorcerer, necromancer

Gurah is the main bad guy in my Labyrinth Lord Longland campaign, The Forgotten Legend Lives.

CLASS: Necromancer

LEVEL: 12th


AC: 2

HP: 28

STR: 5 (-2) Weak and wretched
CON 7 (-1) Brittle and sickly
INT 17 (+2)
WIS 16 (+2)
CHA 17 (-1)

Breath Attacks: 12
Poison or Death: 9
Petrify or Paralyze: 9
Wands: 9
Spells or Spell-like Devices: 8

4 1st, 4 2nd, 3 third, 3 fourth, 3 fifth, 2 sixth

1st Lvl Spells: Command dead, Command undead, Locate remains, Pass undead, Ray of puking pain* Read magic,
2nd Lvl Spells: Choke, Flesh to salt**, Ghoul touch, Ray of pain,
3rd Lvl Spells: Animate dead (MU), Summon undead I, Unhallow,
4th Lvl Spells: Inter,Summon undead II
5th Lvl Spells: Summon undead III, Wall of gloom
6th Lvl Spells: Curse of undeath, Lich touch, Summon undead IV

*Ray of puking pain: D4 damage. Projectile vomiting of blood, black tar, and glowing blue slime. Combat becomes problematic. Successful save = half damage and keep your insides in. (Thanks +Nick Peterson )
**Flesh to salt: Make a save or be turned to salt. (Thanks +Chris Tierney )

Gurah generally doesn't use spells from his old Magic-User times.
1st Lvl Spells: Detect magic, Floating disc, Magic missile, Sleep
2nd Lvl Spells: Arcane lock, Detect invisible, Knock, Web
3rd Lvl Spells: Dispel magic, Protection from normal missiles

Naturally Gurah has many other items both magical and mundane, but these are the things he carries and equips normally.
The Shield. This belt buckle is a powerful defensive item. If the damage result is between 2-5 the damage is ignored.
Robe Of A Necromancer. Any spell from the necromancer's spell list(1) has a 1 in 4 change to stay in a caster's memory when cast.
The Ring Of Resurrection. Once, if Gurah dies, this ring resurrects him back to full HP. The ring is then destroyed blowing up his left hand.

When ten cultists of Gurah join their minds and powers Gurah has almost unlimited power over dead. He, for example, has sent ten undead stone giants into a fight. With the Circle of Summoning Undead in work he can control up to 100 HD worth of undead walkers of skeletons and zombies from different races. The Circle doesn't work on otherwordly or spiritual beings.
Those cultists who maintain the circle can keep it powered for 10 hours at a time. After that period they need to rest for 1d4 days before they can continue. With magic their stamina of keeping The Circle up can be extended.
(1) All these spells are found in Theorems & Thaumaturgy document except those which aren't (mentioned).
(2) All these spells can be found in core Labyrinth Lord rules book.

Necromancer character class (from Theomers & Thaumaturgy, get it HERE) for Labyrinth Lord by +Gavin Norman