Monday 28 November 2016

Space Crusade with RPG/miniatures newbie

My friend knows I am a gamer. He knows, that I play roleplaying games and other games. I met him at a local gaming event (National gaming day at Pori), and he liked what he saw; people playing miniature games (Malifaux, Batman...). So we decided to have a boy's night with kebab and pizza, beer, candy, and miniatures! I chose Space Crusade, because it has Warhammer 40k (even though the plastic minis are simplier than wargame version's) in it but it is really simple. Even one of my friends, who couldn't care less about my gaming interests enjoyed it - and was talking about photon grenades - something she has a zero interest in generally. With a guy who is already interested in stuff like this and has seen it in action, what could go wrong? Nothing!

Meet Tapio. First timer. We have everything two guys need for a Saturday night (even dude a radio playing rock and metal, not showing on the picture).
I've almost finished painting my Space Crusade minis with help from my girlfriend. Some are not yet varnished, marines are not quite completed (weapons need painting and gluing for example), one genestealer is only in primer stage, and Destructor (yes, that's what a Dreadnought is called in Finnish translation of Space Crusade - isn't that more epic Warhammer name than English one?) needs details...
The game looks something like this in action.
Lot's of shooting happening here!
Here is my high-score!
We played five games, four in the night and one in the morning. Many marines were killed, many clones were destroyed. Destructor (Dreadnought) destroyed and was destroyed.

Thursday 24 November 2016

Amazing Mythoard loot!

If you didn't already know, Mythoard is a monthly (OSR) RPG subscription service. You pay them to receive incredible stuff each month! D-oom Products' The Crazy Library Tower was August 2015 Mythoard exclusive, and because of that I receive all these presented below!

To get hold of great stuff like this, subscribe for Mythoard. It is worth every penny.

Google Plus:

Not only adventures, you also might receive full games. White Star is a science-fiction roleplaying game who enjoy simplicity of early D&D, or Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox which this game is based on.
Bizarre Tales is a set of three adventures.
I also like all the little extra stuff, which I tuck on my cork board assembly of RPG related stuff.
Most treasured item, even though everything here is awesome, is personalized note. I love those!

Rat On The Stick is from 1982, so you don't only receive "reneissance/revival" stuff, but real and genuine old-school. The "quality" of paper, and smell, this Tunnels & Trolls adventure is neat!
Thanks to OSRIC, we get new Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition adventures released! I don't own too many higher level adventures, so this is a welcome addition to my collection.

Long map is long. A nice big dungeon complex created by several designers and dungeon artists.

These Mythoard-exclusive one-pagers (both sides) are fun! They are creative and random. Their genre range from fantasy to science fiction to gonzo. They are easy to throw into your campaign and are easy to prepare. And they look fantastic!

Big names there! +Tim Shorts creates great maps, great micro-adventures, great zine (Gothridge Manor)... he is great! +Johua De Santo experiments weirder and darker paths of fantasy (Genius Logi Games).

The Crazy Library Tower which I created for Mythoard. Far Away Land is a light fantasy roleplaying game. This is quick rules enough to play the game, but you are missing some big aspects of the game, like world-building. The core rules are solid and fun, though. Makes me want to get the full rules... isn't that the intention of it?! The Age Of Undying looks fantastic! It's in similar plastic that new comic books are in. The presentation is also very well done. And what's great, it's for Dungeon Crawl Classics, a game I got my hands on (for extremely reasonable price) a couple of months ago!

Here are my reviews of Mythoard beta and first, January, releases:

Wednesday 23 November 2016

[Labyrinth Lord] Berserker character class by Kookko Jaskinen

by: +Kookko Jaskinen, created for his campaign

"In the core of Black Iron Imperium's civil war a band of warriors was born, which battled against the King's army. They were called Berserkers, and they were known as warriors who didn't compete with skill but with tremendous rage. Nowadays they are mercenaries or guerillas opposing the King".

Requirements: None

Prime Requisite: CON

Hit Points: 1d10

Experience table:
Level | HD | Experience points
1 | 1 | 0 exp
2 | 2 | 2,060 exp
3 | 3 | 4,120 exp
4 | 4 | 8,240 exp
5 | 5 | 16,480 exp
6 | 6 | 32,960 exp
7 | 7 | 65,920 exp
8 | 8 | 128,750 exp
9 | 9 | 257,500 exp
10 | 9 +2 HP | 386,250
11 | 9 +4 HP | 590,000
12 | 9 +6 HP | 737,500

Weapons and armor: Only Axes and Leather armor, no shields

Attacking: As Fighter

Magic items: Unable to use any magic items

Saves: As Dwarf

Rage: Damage bonus and resistance (halve incoming damage) until next turn.

Level | Uses per day | Dmg bonus
1 | 1 use | +2
2 | 1 use | +2
3 | 1 use | +2
4 | 2 uses | +4
5 | 2 uses | +4
6 | 2 uses | +4
7 | 3 uses | +6
8 | 3 uses | +6
9 | 3 uses | +6
10 | 4 uses | +8
11 | 4 uses | +8
12 | 4 uses | +8

Tuesday 22 November 2016

[Report] National gaming week event at Pori, Finland - 2016

Saturday had both Malifaux and Android: Netrunner tournaments and a speed painting competition. There was also a chance to borrow board games to play at the event, and a swap meet of games. D-oom Products (that's me) offered roleplaying games experiences (forest banditing with Finnish game Hood and cyberpunk mayhem with The Black Hack: Cyber-Hacked!). Sotakone Miniatures had a demo table for Batman Miniature Game and there was a presentation of (was there actually?) Captain Sonar & Mansion Of Madness 2nd Edition.

This event was exceptionally interesting for D-oom, because I released two new products! Cyberpunk Adventure Generator (PDF is pay-what-you-want at RPGNow, prints 5€ directly from me. Check my webstore at HOLVI or email me at doomproducts[ä]gmail[döt]com) and a basement print version of Cyber-Hacked!

Ready to rock'n'roll!

Panorama picture distorts, but here is my setup; roleplaying games, adventures and sourcematerial, dice, dicecups, dicebags, miniatures materal, music, baseball caps and more!
View from where you walked to the booth of doom. Right after me was Sotakone.

Free KaaosZine stickers for everyone! KaaosZine is an online music magazine
I write reviews and articles for.

And here comes games pictures...

Some minis of Batman Miniature Game. They are really, really cool.
More goons for Batman Miniature Game.
Really cool scene for Batman Miniature Game.
People of Malifaux. There was a time I was super excited of this game (never bought it), but after seeing Batman in action, I think that card based mechanics is a gimmick, and smooth gameplay comes from dice.
Malifaux in action. This scenery is absolutely fantastic!
Almost like a diorama. Details of some of these structures are lovely.
From previous western scene.
More Malifaux in action.
Are they playing Malifaux? Not sure, but the scene is absolutely fantastic!
These robots were so cool!
Are these fighting against the aforemention robots? What a random bunch of antagonists!
And finally some roleplaying in action. I am running Hood, a Finnish new rpg where you play one of Robin Hood's merry men. The mechanics are simple, yet encourage you to use your imagination in your advance. You have five d20 you use for different actions in your turn; 2 dice to kick the guard's nuts, 2 dice to push him over and 1 die to run past him. It's quite fun! There are a problem or two in the rules in my opinion, though. There is no any kind of feel of danger - you just don't get damage or other that easily for it to matter at all - what is the biggest flaw. And I am not that sure how long a campaign will run being interesting, and not just a thing where you do fancy and funny stunts. One does not simply watch hundreds of hours Erol Flynn movies (or does?).
And product layout is just horrible! GAH!
I do recommend Hood (currently for Finnish audience only), for it is a fun game.

Unfortunately this was the only game I ran. No Cyber-Hacked!. No even more Hood. I know that In Pori tabletop games, card games, wargames and such are very, very popular, but roleplaying games not so. Also I think that when people go to events, they want to eat snacks, drink soda, and talk with their friends instead of focus for a longer period of time in an imaginary world - which is social, but not event/whole group social. There must be a roleplaying games only event, so maybe those wargamers can leave their awesome minis for a second.

I personally enjoyed the event a lot. Pori is very active in gaming scene, and people are awesome! They are so nice, fun and cool. With D-oom it's been easy for me to blend in, but sometimes I hope I could go play some demo games, instead of patrolling my booth. That was a reason why I decided to run roleplaying games with my booth, to participate into gaming experience of the event. There were distractions because of customers, but it was okay. Miniatures gaming could be a bit harder, or maybe easier. As long as I can rush quickly behind my cashier it would be fine.

Anyways, can't wait for the next event with Porin Pöytäpeliseura Pöllökarhut (in English: Pori's tabletop gamers society Owlbears). I'll be there, and enjoy it fullheartedly.