Thursday 30 June 2016

Random encounters in minor cities and major towns.

A direct continuation for my last post (random encounters and events table for capitals and cities)! You can download the file from my Patreon page, for free, thanks to all those awesome people who support me!

Here are 5 randomly chosen highlights from the table:

  • An eminent person has died. Cortege runs through the city and silence has been declared for a day. No one shall make any noise, or be punished.
  • New houses are planned, but old buildings are on the way. The problem is, that it is not that simple to just evict the residents or businesses located there, even though they could buy new apartments and spaces from the new buildings - not everyone has that kind of money in their pockets! Demolition and construction works are on hiatus. The overseer of this project wants to do everything legally and as nice as he can, but his assistant secretly wants to do anything possible for the work to continue - from threats to arson and murders! This is his first project, and he wants the result to be glorious!
  • A retired fighter is screaming and yelling and fighting imagination monsters with his stick. He is obviously confused and disoriented.
  • All the cats have fled the city. Finally a wererat living deep in the sewers has found a right resonance for his device to get rid of the beasts that eat his cousins.
  • The burial hill is full now, and there are many who refuse to bury the dead elsewhere, or burn the bodies. They demand that old gravestones should be moved elsewhere, or even to be destroyed to make more space for newly dead. But others are agaisnt of disturbing old graves. As a demonstration few keep their dead next to their outdoor as a reminder, that something should be done fast! There is a high risk of vermins and health hazards and the rot is starting to stink.
  • And more! 36 in total!
Side note: I discovered millions more typos and horrible mistakes than my text usually contains. I will fix them as good as I can in near future :(

Thursday 23 June 2016

Random encounter and events table for capitals and cities

You can download the file of 3 pages and 48 encounters and events from my Patreon page. It's free!

This table includes things like:

  • Runaway horse pulling a cart and wrecking havoc! It smelt zombies with some intelligence and brain function left masquerading as beggars. The zombies wanted to eat the horse and its driver alive. the driver is just about to be eaten by the zombies cornering him...
  • A building is aflame. All nearby are requested to help extinguish it.
  • Around 50 rats from normal size to a size of a dog run down the streets biting everyone and -thing they ram.
  • Mother of twelve, who is struggling with her flock. No one knows that these children are demon seed waiting to grow up to start mayhem and devastation. Their smile is empty but sweet.
  • A couple is selling weird small beasts and critters from the Purple Forest to be exotic pets for the rich. Few of these beasts and critters are extremely dangerous, but the couple don't care for the sake of profit. They have not captured the beasts themselves and don't know what they are, which one are dangerous nor how they behave. They have cooked up the descriptions themselves.
  • A hot air balloon is floating above the city. Out of arrow's reach. Dwarves are observing the city streets and making notes. They try to track the ley lines to pwer their new invention.
  • And 42 more!
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Wednesday 22 June 2016

New Cleric variant, Martyr

Instead of "Turn Undead" these Clerics have an unique power they invoke when they suffer. When someone purposely hurts them (monster attack, no. Friend whipping, yes) or they wound themselves, they immediately regain one spell and can cast it as memorized. By suffer they might even memorize more spells than they normally could!

One Hit-die (1d6) worth of damage allows them to chose one spell level. If the martyr whips himself dealing 3d6 damage, he can chose three one level spells, one first and one second or one third level spell to memorize immediately.

Martyrs are willing to suffer for their cause, and by suffering they gain great power.

They are not restricted to blunt weapons, but can also use daggers and knives to harm themselves.