Saturday, 27 December 2014

Crafting paper minis with Silvervine Games Paper Mini Maker

The Review

For a free product this is very nice. Open up this PDF (works only in Adobe Acrobat Reader), click on SCG logos and choose pictures. It automatically turns the back side picture upside down and scales the picture.

Finding pictures is easy! Google is your friend, and for example with searchterms like "D&D ROGUE" you quite easily find what you need. Just remember how use of pictures is or is not restricted.

It comes with two template sizes, normal and big for bigger monsters.

It is free and easy to use, but also there are some flaws.

There's lots of stuff on the page what only consumes precious ink. And with better arrangement there could have been even more space for few extra minis to fit the printable area. This is basically only thing that annoys me, a lot. Also you cannot save your minis for later printing. I can see several reasons why, for example that people cannot share their print-ready-minis with pictures you aren't supposed to work.

Worth trying, I say:


On the left there's one dwarf already cut. Also cutting 1"x1" bases for minis from ordinary leftover cardboard.
Mini folded and ready to be glued on the base. Folding is easy thanks for the lines. That is a dwarven warrior. Background intentionally yellow for easy recognition.
Glued on the base but I don't understand why the paper base is 1"x2". Easy to trim, though.
Dwarf warriors and adventurers ready! I think these are Citadel Warhammer miniatures.
Also a good selection or rogues, thieves and other sneaky characters and fighters.
For the Labyrinth Lord evening I needed some undead giants for the good guys to fight with. Almost cut. These are bigger compared to normal characters.
Undead giant folded and ready to be glued together.
Pretty cool! In the background you see three first I created without photoshuupin' backgrounds off.
Sizes from left to right: Undead giant, human rogue, dwarf warrior. I think the size difference really does matter.
Player character and NPCs. From left to right: Derek The Wizardslayer, Cleric; Shakespeare, homunculus turnip parasite Magic-User; Amaro Utharo, Elf; Lore, Rogue; Elvar, human Fighter; Margesh Blackblood. Fighter. These guys are for Labyrinth Lord.
Where Is Margesh Blackblood? is a great adventure by: +Tim Shorts. Review.
Necromantic cultists and their boss Gurah on the front right.
Whole bunch of minis for one night's game!
Comparing sizes with an ordinary D20.
Because the undead giants attacked behind a mountain we needed to craft a mountain also. That's a 24 can beer box I first cut in half and the other half I cut in half in two uneven sizes. Then I arranged them from largest piece to smallest to a tower. Some tape to hold it together.
White filling paper for packaging is just like snowy mountain surface - in a paper mini world!

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