A Pipeful Of Trouble. Publishing, layout, illustration, maps.

Better Than Any Man. Two encounters for LotFP's campaign module.

Crypt Of Doom - A Compilation of Patreon Supported 2015 Material

Cyberpunk Adventure Generator. Writing and layout.

Dragon Union. Layout, half of translation, publishing from Finnish Lohikäärmeliitto to English.

Illustration. Some of my maps, doodles, and illustrations at DeviantArt.

KaaosZine. Music reviews and articles.

Mead & Mayhem. Layout, publishing, co-writing.

Mythoard August. A map, location and illustration.

Pamphlet 1: Fields Of Forsaken. A place where those without faith end.

Patreon. To create OSR material.

Secret Santicore 2014. The order of the machine text.

Secret Santicore 2015. Small space ship random generator (with playing cards).

SL&VL zine #1. Covers layout, map, illustration, random adventure generator.

Temple Of Greed. Writing, publishing.

TerrorroT. Anti-gnomen rotcore music.

The Blood Hack. Covers, layout, editing.

The Mask Doom. Illustration, layout, writing, publishing.

Yes, Sir!. Layout, publishing.

Mead & Mayhem. Frugal GM, Charm Monster, Swords & Stitchery
Pamphlet 1: Fields Of Forsaken. Pits Perilous, Swords & Stitchery
Temple Of Greed. Gothridge Manor, Die Heart, Tabletop Library, RPGNow
Yes, Sir!. RopeTupa

Juhana Pettersson reviewed Dragon Union, Mead & Mayhem and Temple Of Greed in one post.

Limun Ropellukset. In Finnish.
Roolipelitiedotus. Interview of me and +Jonas Mustonen. In Finnish. 

HOLVI. Prints, dice, merchandise etc.
RPGNow. PDFs and print-on-demands
OpenGamingStore. PDFs
Patreon. Random rpg material few times per month

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