Wednesday, 17 December 2014

[Review] No Salvation For Witches

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You might already know what a premise for +Lamentations of the Flame Princess products is. If you don't, this product has gore and full frontal nudity illustrated. This truly is not safe for work.

Written by +Rafael Chandler, the metal dude of OSR and RPGs.

Physical Quality

Hardback, 64 sturdy pages, full color illustration. Great layout. Inside covers with maps. If you think that hardcover Rules & Magic LotFP rules book is a 10, this book is 11 in my opinion. One of the best physical product qualities in LotFP line (cannot make comments of A Red & Pleasant Land because don't own it).

The Premise

Witches are performing a ritual. If the ritual is a success it will have huge impact on the world. If it doesn't it still might have a big impact on characters' lifes.

The Setting

What now is LotFP standard also this adventure takes place in 17th century Europe, England in this case. The area has five encounter areas. Three pieces that can also work alone to access the finale. Whole area is a trick. Once you enter, you cannot get out that easily anymore.

The area is affected by a ritual what makes it hostile, horrific and weird.

This Is What It Is Like

The encounter areas are easy to run and each have something weird or horrible going on. I also like how some things, especially nearing the finale, might start to interact more or less.

You might make allies or enemies. You can fight monsters, or might never find them. There are some treasures magical in nature. Of course these also have drawbacks. No +3 sword of flames here.

There is a time limit and after it things happen in one way or another (two endings). It is up to players and a Referee to drive the characters. There are no suggestion why or how the characters should start exploring and starting to figure out what is going on and how to deal with it. Witty Referee can imagine motives for the characters but it would have been great if the author gave some rough ideas. It's always interesting to read how the author has thought the adventure could work out.

If you already are familiar with LotFP core rules summon spell you get something similar here. A gory manuscript what details human sacrifices to perform a ritual to summon a monster. What is great about this it also can be a monster generator for weird, horrific, and unique monsters for any of your LotFP adventures!

Witches are great NPCs!


There could be some ideas for motives why and how characters get into this area and some guidelines how they might start to figure out the puzzle pieces. Simple exploring here and there is a little pointless with strict time limit.

Some of the parts of this adventure are a little bland. Horrific and weird and gory for sure, but a little out of place. They feel like they're just there for additional bloody effects. I don't say it is bad if you think it in B-horror style with random gore (talking about woods encounter here).

Even if the page number clocks at 64 pages the adventure itself is not that big. As I already stated only five encounter areas. But it can be interesting, if you play NPCs right and there could be some very nice interaction. Up to players and how they roll.

Did I Like It And Should You Get It?

Of course I liked this! My perception is fogged by my fanboy-ism! This is good shorter location based adventure with lots of "yuck" in it. And it looks good and was fun to read. Also "monster generator" is great addition because it gives longevity for the book even after you've run it for your group.

Also if you like gore and shocking content this is top quality.

Avoid if you don't like full frontal nudity, gore, and not safe for work content.

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  1. Ahh, no fair!! Still waiting for my copy to show (as well as A Red & Pleasant Land). The-Mail-is-S-l-o-w.

  2. From g+ I understood people have just started to receive it elsewhere!