Sunday, 7 December 2014

Cleric Blessed Holy Symbol

Cleric Blessed Symbol

The wielder of this holy symbol can turn undead, as a Cleric who blessed it with prayers -3 levels, (minimum 1 maximum 5). Every time non-cleric turns undead with this item there's 50% change it won't work anymore. The god's favor wears off.

If a 0-level cleric or religious figure/person blesses a holy item it will only work once at turning undead.

The Cleric must save or he looses 1d3 permanent CON. It is not an easy task to bless items. Otherwise there would be blessed turn undead items everywhere, right!

"A good thing for priests to have lying around the church to make them useful without making them all classed Clerics." +James Young 

Quick magic item for my Labyrinth Lord game I am running right now. The player's character goes solo after evil necromancer Gurah so I needed a quick "buff" item for her.

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