Tuesday 23 June 2015

Mead & Mayhem Booklet Edition now PDF and POD

Photo samples of cover and content
New, revised edition of Mead & Mayhem is now available in both print and pdf! The layout is all new from the original, there are additional pictures and the covers are way much cooler!

You can get a copy at RPGNow: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/149761/Mead--Mayhem-Booklet-Edition

Costs are:

  • PDF: $1.79
  • Print-on-demand + PDF: $4.90
What is Mead & Mayhem, you ask? +Rob Monroe (he also edited the text) from Charm Monster wrote:

"Here is a sample of how one such fight goes down:

Things kick off when some rowdy dwarves smash up a barrel of beer to fill their flagons, resulting in the floor becoming slippery. Punches begin the fly as people slide into each other. Suddenly, a group of adventurers burst out of the wine cellar (which I guess is attached to a dungeon). They enter the melee, already in murderhobo-mode.  As the brawl gets more and more out of control, someone begins shouting out accusations of theft and assault at the tavern's owner, adding paranoia to the mix of heated emotions. Seizing on the opportunity, members of the local thieves' guild begin to nick the coin purses of anyone distracted by the bar fight. And finally, as if summoned by the drunken brawl, a coven of witches dance nude on the tavern's roof, drawing a crowd to the building."

Yes, Mead & Mayhem is a random generator for tavern brawls using d30 with 40 different entries!

D-oom Products Google+ page

D-oom Products now has a Google+ site. If you want to be up to date what's going on, follow it from this link: https://plus.google.com/b/104162400847641802727/104162400847641802727/about
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If you like D-oom Products, go check it out!

If you are new to D-oom Products, check out the RPGNow store. There are currently three items available: Temple Of Greed (POD and PDF), Mead & Mayhem (POD and PDF) and Dragon Union (PDF).

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Monday 15 June 2015

Geomorph: Underground waterfall

My geomorph entry for Inkwell Ideas' contest. The theme is "water". I made an underground waterfall. Original picture was Sharpie pen on graph paper, which I skanned to add some fun 90s style paint coloring!


Check out Inkwell Ideas' website for more information and current content entries. They are very good! http://inkwellideas.com/2015/06/water-geomorph-map-contest-ending-soon/

Wednesday 10 June 2015

The story behind Dragon Union cover

Lohikäärmeliitto (Dragon Union in Finnish) is a fantasy RPG supplement giving some additional rules, or thoughts, of that old-school system. Lohikäärmeliitto is not a complete game, but Nestori's thoughts how fantasy old-school game works.

This is the original cover of Lohikäärmeliitto:

When Nestori sent me a basement print copy of Lohikäärmeliitto, I got a copy with watercolored cover:

I loved that cover, and when I started to work on publishind Lohikäärmeliitto in English, I wanted to reproduce the watercolored cover art instead of black and white lineart. So I scanned it and removed Finnish title and text. This is the result:

When I make booklet DIY basement prints of Dragon Union, I use watercolor paper for some texture and "feel". The result is quite nice:

If you want to see what Dragon Union is like, you can download it from RPGNow. It's pay-what-you-want, so basically the pdf could yours for free!

If you-d like to get a booklet DIY basement print of Dragon Union, send me email to doomproducts[a]gmail[dot]com. The cost is 5€ + postage.