Wednesday 1 April 2015

The fools of Aprilstown

Aprilstown is a small and remote village of farmers and few traders. Once a year, in the first day of the spring, they have a big festival. The purpose of this festival is to please the God Of Random to keep the spring coming and to keep the cold spell in spring away. The reason why they don't sacrifice to the goddess of spring or weather, is unknown. Maybe they think that as spring is unstable it is God Of Random to be blamed.

During the festival the chief of Aprilstown, uses his sacred Springcrystal granting special powers for the foolest of the village (INT and WIS total score under 10). This special power is an ability to cast one random first level Magic-User spell during the festival.

The villagers think, that if a fool casts random spells for his own, possibly silly intentions, the God Of Random will be pleased and the spring continues to arrive.

This years fools are:

William, who has been a little slow from his birth, is hard worker at a farm. But he hates that cow who always runs him down the fields. This year, William cast Magic Missile at the cow. The rest of the week William will spend in stocks thinking what he'd done.

Samantha is a funny lass, usually pulling pranks on everyone. She's tried almost every possible work in the village with no success. She always makes more prank than is useful. She found Floating Disc under the table of the festival cake to be hilarious. But the villagers were prepared, so luckily they had another more delicious cake hidden in town hall.

Gilbert, twenty years ago returned the patrol against orcs badly wounded and wasn't the jolly old himself from there, cast a Protection From Evil on himself. At least one night he could enjoy the festival and not worry too much or see the nightmares he encountered.

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