Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Review: The Flayed King

Tim Shorts published this short adventure small in physical format for Swords & Wizardry appreciation day 2015. The hand crafted DIY print run was 50 copies and I was lucky and happy to receive one! The pdf is available for free at RPGNow.

Like the previous GM Games' S&W appreciation day product, The Mini Manor, The Flayed King is very dark adventure.

The whole packet from the map to the content is straight forward. You experience the content of the room whether it tries to kill you or is a light puzzle. This is not a problem, as the booklet is tiny. This is easy to throw in the middle of a campaign and leave it behind. Great for "hey I wanna run and check this out" gaming.

The rooms are interesting, magic items good, no christmas calendar random monsters, and The Flayed King is horrible, weird and brilliant! Well thought... thing.

Only thing I was missing from the beginning was the catch. First sentence(s) should give some idea(s) why and how adventurers start this dungeon. You can pick easy catch from The Flayed King himself and few other if you try, but I always appreciate when authors include their own ideas in their products. This tiniest flaw doesn't make the product any worse, though.

If you like horror and a little gore, this is great! If you don't like graphical content, this might not be for you. Gore is in good taste, though and Tim does great stuff so you might concider.

And the illustration by Jim Magnusson is very good!

Still reading? Now go to appreciate some good Swords & Wizardry content by always awesome Tim Shorts!

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