Wednesday 29 April 2015

[Review] Oubliette #9

Oubliette is an OSR zine of 22 pages available in pdf format (RPGNow) or in print from their blog. Also compilations and all kinds of other stuff is available at Lulu.

Compatible with Labyrinth Lord makes it easily cross-compatible with almost any old-school system out there.

Fun fact is, that I didn't know what oubliette meant before I bought this zine!
"An oubliette is a form of dungeon which is accessible only from a hatch in a high ceiling," Wikipedia educates me.

How it looks? I don't have a print copy of this and I only read it with my 5,2" mobile phone, but the format and layout sits the phone's screen nicely! Artwork is very good and zine-y through the file and layout is excellent, especially for aforementioned reading format.

Content is great. In mere 22 pages there's packed all kinds of material like an dungeon, a location, new familiar for Magic-Users, new spells, items and a monster (linked to aforementioned location).

This issue doesn't seem to follow a theme, but the variety of material is refreshing. As a zine entries are short, so you don't have to make too many adjustments to make them work in your campaign or setting. Just open a page (or two) and throw the material in!

There also is a trinket called "D20 Hit Point String Generator". Basically you roll 1d20 and check the table for hit points for creatures of ½HD to 2HD. Fun exercise, but I don't see rolling 1d8 once or twice for monsters. Would be cool to see similar for higher HD monsters, too!

Summary. New to this zine, I was positive surprised. I do like zine format of material. Zines have a great variety of material for your pleasure to read and maybe to use. Zines are great small rpg snacks you can easily and quickly digest without digging too deep on the topic. Oubliette is not an exception of this premise and delivers fun old-school material. Also the material is good, too!

In near future I need to check out other Oubliette issues and I encourage also you to check out this zine!
Get it from RPGNow.

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