Saturday, 15 February 2014

The crypt is open - Introduction

Hello traveler and welcome to the Crypt of Rabies!

Some of you might already know my earlier blog Cradle of Rabies. Today the cradle has matured and evolved into a crypt.

I started blogging when my gaming was a little different compared to today's interests and style. After 428 blog posts at Cradle of Rabies I started to see what I want my blog to be. Cradle of Rabies is too much of a kitchen sink to just start to change the old ways.

So I decided to have a break, and start again. This is the new beginning. This is the new coming. This is the Crypt of Rabies.

The focus of this blog is in old-school styled similacrum games. But I won't restrict this blog only to OSR. Sometimes I might post something else. But the main focus is in the reneissance era of retro gaming.

The articles here will contain reviews, material, thoughts, findings from all over the web... well anything actually.

Few words about me and my gaming, then I am ready with the first post here. Who cares about the past? So I'll start and quit at the present.

Currently I am into OSR games and gaming for three simple reasons:

1. There's tons of material to use both free and commercial
2. The rules are simple and super versatile
3. The community is huge

The games of my choice (as a writer) are Labyrinth Lord and Lamentations Of The Flame Princess and for post-apocalyptic and gonzo Mutant Future. Still looking for a scifi-game and Stars Without A Number might be the one.

Even though those are the games of my choice I always keep my eyes open for other games.

There are also other games I like or have played a lot, but this is not a time to talk about them.

I think this is enough for an introduction. I hope you will find this blog entertaining, fun, useful and sometimes terrifying.

Nice to see you and hope to see you again!

Thaumiel Nerub

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  1. Change the font, please. This one is killing my eyes. Otherwise, congratulations for a new gaming blog!