Friday, 28 February 2014

New spell: Curious Wound (G+ community project)

Curious Wound

Spell level: Magic-User 2nd level
Range: 150 ft
Duration: Immediate

Causes 1d6+1 HP of damage on target. Roll 1d12 for curious effect:

  1. Bleeding wound, take additional 1d4 HP of damage each round. The blood turns into a number of gold pieces equal to bleeding damage.
  2. The wound turns into a mouth that yells loudly, may attract attention from enemies.
  3. The wound turns into writing that spells out the character's inmost secrets.
  4. Psychic scarring. The wound makes no physical HP damage but causes the character to develop a phobia.
  5. Contagious wound. All within 10 ft of the target must save or take the same amount of damage.
  6. The wound never fully heals. Loose one HP permanently.
  7. The wound is permanent, as is all HP loss from the spell. The wound forms an extra-dimensional pocket, capable of holding 100 coins.
  8. The wound leaves a permanent hole through the target's body. There is no HP loss, but subtract 1d4 points from Charisma.
  9. The wound permanently glows with a greenish light equivalent to a torch.
  10. The wound festers, and will kill the target in 1d4 days if not treated with Cure Disease.
  11. Wound grows into an eye that the caster can see through.
  12. The wound turns into a portal to darkness. 1 in 6 chance every day that a shadow comes through.
3HD, AC 5 (15), immune to physical attacks

The shadow tangles itself on the nearest target and sucks lifeforce from it until destroyed or banished. Loose 1d3 CON per turn. If the CON reaches 0 the target turns into a shadow and the two tangle on two individual nearest targets (and so on).


Original idea, spell description, first entry: +Terje Nordin 

I wrote number 12.

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