Friday, 21 February 2014

My custom 4 volume booklet of Labyrinth Lord's Advanced Edition Companion

Finally bought myself a printer and I am having a blast with it! Gotta love its simple booklet printing option and the duplex printing so I don't have to manually re-feed anything for two sided prints.

My plan is to run Labyrinth Lord but I wanted the player to have more options as a character. So I decided that for player character creation I would use rules in Advanced Edition Companion. Rest of the setting uses basic LL rules for NPCs.

Anyways I felt that I don't need everything in the PDF provided (will buy the softcover from Drivethru later for my collection and easier read though) so I decided I just print the things I need. But then I decided I'll print the last of it also as a separate volume. Then I decided, I'll divide the PDF into booklets for different contents. So here is my four volume Advanced Edition Companion! (I think I got the old school feel in the covers pretty nicely!)

The volumes are:

The Book Of Heroes: Includes character creation and equipment (26 pages)

The Book Of Spells: Includes Cleric, Druid, Illusionist and Magic-User spells and spells lists (57 pages)

The Monstrous Codex: All the monsters (39 pages)

Appendix: This and that... Magic items and weapons, new rules including combat options, poisons, stun and paralysis, vision, humanoid spell casters, cosmology, random tables, height and weight and monster lists and finally table of contents of all 4 volumes (32 pages)

You can find Advanced Edition Companion and other free Labyrinth Lord downloads from the link below:

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