Saturday, 3 December 2016

[Patreon] Cursed Town of Toerd and Orcnest Dungeon

Thanks to my patrons, here is new material for you to use in your D&D/OSR campaigns!


This town suffers of a horrible curse, and only retrieving items of a war hero can save it.

Even though the Cursed Town Of Toerd is set to my Patreon set 2's default setting, Island Of Yingvaerd, you can easily use it in your own default setting.

Download the PDF here:


In Orcnest Dungeons there are orcs! And one of the aforementioned items can be found here. Sharpen your sword, prepare your spells and put on your best sneaking boots and venture to explore this location! Set in my default Patreon set 2 setting, but can easily be thrown into any campaign world of yours!

Thanks to my patrons, you can download the dungeon here:

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