Monday, 28 November 2016

Space Crusade with RPG/miniatures newbie

My friend knows I am a gamer. He knows, that I play roleplaying games and other games. I met him at a local gaming event (National gaming day at Pori), and he liked what he saw; people playing miniature games (Malifaux, Batman...). So we decided to have a boy's night with kebab and pizza, beer, candy, and miniatures! I chose Space Crusade, because it has Warhammer 40k (even though the plastic minis are simplier than wargame version's) in it but it is really simple. Even one of my friends, who couldn't care less about my gaming interests enjoyed it - and was talking about photon grenades - something she has a zero interest in generally. With a guy who is already interested in stuff like this and has seen it in action, what could go wrong? Nothing!

Meet Tapio. First timer. We have everything two guys need for a Saturday night (even dude a radio playing rock and metal, not showing on the picture).
I've almost finished painting my Space Crusade minis with help from my girlfriend. Some are not yet varnished, marines are not quite completed (weapons need painting and gluing for example), one genestealer is only in primer stage, and Destructor (yes, that's what a Dreadnought is called in Finnish translation of Space Crusade - isn't that more epic Warhammer name than English one?) needs details...
The game looks something like this in action.
Lot's of shooting happening here!
Here is my high-score!
We played five games, four in the night and one in the morning. Many marines were killed, many clones were destroyed. Destructor (Dreadnought) destroyed and was destroyed.

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