Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Mythoard, subscribe for your monthly RPG packet!

Mythoard is a monthly subscription box service dedicated solely to Tabletop Roleplaying Games.  From modules, minis and maps to rules supplements, accessories and dice, you'll be sure to have great RPG treasure in every single box!   Sign up now for your own hoard!

That's what they say in their site:

You subscribe, get a monthly box of roleplaying stuff. That's it. But it is damn cool concept! Some special arrangements were made and I was able to order the December beta box here to Finland. Payment was smooth and cool and now I just have to wait! Not much has been revealed about the first box... What we know, some companies providing products for the first box are: Awful Good Games, Metal Weave Games, Chessex, GM Games, and Red Kobold Games. Not bad selection at all (links to their sites can easily be found at mythoard site.

I had to ask some questions about this concept and +Jarrod Shaw was super awesome to answer. (I'm in italic bold, Jarrod normal).

1. This is an interesting concept. Reminds me of those subscriptions for book-, CD-, and movie clubs where you pay monthly to get some items each month, selected by the deliver. So this concept is not new. But for me (at least) this concept for roleplaying games products is new. And damn awesome. How did this idea developed?

Thanks! We think it's a cool idea too. It came about during a conversation between Ashley and I, about make-up of all things. She get's a subscription box each month for beauty supplies, and I was struck by how awesome the model was, so when she suggested we do one for Tabletop RPGs, I jumped on trying to figure out how to do it. And here we are, a few months later, and our Beta run is looking to reach our self imposed member cap.

2. Was this hard to make-happen?

Way harder than I first imagined. Like a dumbass, I jumped a little too headlong into the thing, amd made several crummy mistakes. For instance the first few emails I sent out to companies were along the lines of "Hey, I'm this guy, and I have a great idea! Can you please send me comps or cheap stuff?" What an asshat. I build houses, not businesses, so it's all a little new and I apologize if bumps occur along the way. I'm learning to steam roll them as we go through, so hopefully it'll be a smooth ride from all. It's coming along well now actually, but it is, at the end of the day, a ton of work. On top of a full time job to boot. But it's RPGs so, I will bust ass until my eyes bleed if I have to.

3. How do you choose the items to include in the package?

Our beta box was built mostly with folks that I had a previous rapport with, or one's that I just really dug their stuff. Our January box is getting close to built already as well, and it's been nice because we have had several companies come to us asking how to be in a Mythoard box. Which is really humbling and awesome.

Why should anyone order this? Pitch time!

Mythoard boxes are filled with random Tabletop RPG stuff! Delivered. To your house. By your mailman. Once a month. That's about all I got. Soon the boxes can speak for themselves.

Thank you and the special arrangements you were willing to do, I can get one of these in Finland to review too (and I admit, I really, really WANT IT). But officially this is currenlty U.S. only. Is it too early to discuss/reveal international plans?

Just a hair early. We are looking into international sales hard though, trying to find a feasible way to do it. We may just have to go with different paypal buttons with varying prices for other countries. It may not be in time for the January box, but it won't be too long. We promise!! And you are very welcome.

Good luck! This is very extremely damn cool. Like "bundleofhodling" but you actually get sweet stuff as in items! Makes kid and collector in me jump and dance!

Thanks so much man. The Bundle is damn cool btw! I am glad we make parts of people jump and dance. That's actually our real goal here anyway. Sort of. It was great talking with you, and keep an eye out mid December for your Mythoard Box! Cheers.

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