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Creating a character for D&D Basic (Finnish translation)

I've already created a character for Labyrinth Lord, so this should not be very different experience. I grabbed the character sheet from Vankityrmiä & Louhikäärmeitä (thanks +Jonas Mustonen ) blog so didn't have to scan it from the book.

As the title says I am using Finnish translation of the Mentzer Basic Dungeons & Dragons. This is going to be fun(ky)!

Step 1: Roll Kykypisteet (Abilities)

3d6 in order for Voimakkuus (Strength), Älykkyys (Intelligence), Viisaus (Wisdom), Ketteryys (Dexterity), Rakenne (Constitution), and Karisma (Charisma). The results are:

6, 13, 9, 10, 7, 7
-1, +1, -, -, -1, -1

Uh-oh, my dicehand is weak today! I can only see a Magic-User as an option for this weakling! I am a man and don't whine about weak character and re-rolls. (Funny thing is that my Labyrinth Lord character creation experiment also resulted a M-U!)

Step 2: Choose a Luokka (Class)

Easy and already done. Magiankäyttäjä (Magic-User).

Step 3: Swich Kykypisteitä (Ability scores)

Basically I cannot do this, because my dude is too weak. No Ability score can be lowered under 9. If it already is 10 you cannot lower it. So after Intelligence my next highest is 10! Next...

Step 4: Roll osumaheitot (Hit Points)

No maximum hit points at first level! I've got 2 with 1d4 from my class. But my weak Constitution modifier of -1 leaves me with 1 hit points.

Step 5: Roll money

3d6 x 10 kp (kultapala, gold pieces) makes me 150 gp rich!

Step 6: Buy equipment

I wish I was a warrior so I could spend my money on good armor and stuff like that. No armors allowed for me.

Hopeinen tikari, Silver dagger (only weapon Magic-User is allowed to use)
Lyhty, Lantern
Öljypullo, Oil, two bottles
Teräksinen peili, Steel mirror
Kolmen metrin seiväs, Ten feet pole
Rautaisannos viikoksi, Ration, for one week
Tulukset, Tinderbox
Viinileili, Wineflask (price is 1 gp but I'll make it 3. I want it to be filled with cheap wine)
Ukonhattu, Wolfsbane

Lots of stuff and I've got 49 gp left!

Step 7: Figure out:

  • Haarniskaluokka (AC). That's unarmored, 9.
  • Osumaheittotaulukko (To-hit table). That's already printed there, because all starting characters have same to-hit requirements. I do get -1 to-hit rolls though...
  • Pelastusheitot (Saving rolls).
Kuolemansäde tai myrkky (Death ray or poison): 13
Maagiset sauvat (Magic wand): 14
Halvaantuminen tai kivettyminen (Paralyzis or turn to stone): 13
Lohikäärmeen henkäys (Dragon breath): 16
Kepit, sauvat ja loitsut (Magic staff and spells) 15

(In Labyrinth Lord saves for M-U are slightly better...).

Step 8: Write down Kykypisteiden tarkistukset (Ability modifiers)

Basically already did this when rolled these.

Step 9: Name your character and choose his ryhmittyminen (Alignment)

There are only three. Laki (Lawful), Neutraalius (Neutrality), and Kaaoottinen (Chaotic). I want to be chaotic. My character is miserable and bitter. He does anything to find power (read: treasures and magic items) to compensate his weak abilities. Anything.

His name is Brut Paha (the Bad).

Step 10: Get ready to play

Wait a sec! I don't have spells yet! I take Lue magiaa (Read magic) and Uni (Sleep). Now I am ready to play!

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