Tuesday, 15 March 2016

D-oom Products publications available at Tabletop Library and more


There is a new neat online store for roleplaying games, Tabletop Library, where you can also find D-oom Products' catalog! At the moment you can also find products from:

  • As If Productions
  • Battlefield Press
  • Cawood Publishing
  • Chaotic Henchman
  • Cumberland Games & Diversions
  • Eldritch Enterprises
  • EN Publishing
  • Expeditious Retreat Press
  • Fail Squad Games
  • Flaming Crab Games
  • Forrest Aguirre
  • Frog God Games
  • Gamehole Publishing
  • GM Games
  • Griffon Publishing Studio
  • Imperfekt Gammes
  • InfiniBadger Press
  • Jeremy Reaban
  • Jeshields
  • John M Stater
  • Kobold Press
  • Lazy Sod Press
  • Lesser Gnome
  • McNabb Games
  • Metallic Dice Games LLC
  • Middle Kingdom Adventure & Trading Co.
  • Moebius Adventures
  • MonkeyBlood Design
  • Mythmere Games
  • Nomad Gaming
  • Pacesetter Games & Simulations
  • Playground Adventures
  • Purple Duck Games
  • Rite Publishing
  • Rogue Comet
  • Rogue Genius Games
  • Space Pirate Games
  • Tab Creations
  • Tabletop Library
  • Thunderegg Productions
  • Troll Lord Games
  • Wayward Rogues Publishing
...and I bet more to come! Go check it out, this store is very, very neat!

Other Places To Buy From D-oom Products

In addition to Tabletop Library (PDFs), you can buy my stuff from RPGNow (PDFs and PODs). I also have my own store which carries dice, music and all kinds of other cool stuff in addition to roleplaying games material hosted at HOLVI (PDFs, PODs, dice, merchandise and more). And if you like what I create, you can support me via Patreon.

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