Thursday 24 December 2015

My LotFP Holidays presents for myself [includes a coupon code]

No one else except myself would buy me Lamentations Of The Flame Princess presents! I got myself The Idea From Space for 4.40€ (including shipping within Finland!)

I also received a newsletter from LotFP with discounted download link for Weird New World pdf from RPGNow. Cost less than 1€ (that's $1 for US people). And naturally I am going to print a booklet of this to add to my physical collection. See my earlier post HERE for DIY booklets of Tales Of The Scarecrow and The Grinding Gear.

At LotFP store if you use coupon code YEAREND (ends 11:59pm Finnish time on December 29) you'll get -50% from the following books (I own all of them, except The Idea From Space I just bought):
  • Forgive Us
  • The God That Crawls
  • The Idea From Space
  • Isle Of The Unknown
  • The Monolith From Beyond Space And Time
  • Qelong
  • Scenic Dunnsmouth
  • Tower Of The Stargazer

"We need to make room for the new stuff that should be going to press in early 2016, so it's SALE TIME! --

-- This is also your last change to take advantage of 2015 shipping rates because of course the post office is raising them again as of January 1 (I'll be updating the store's rates on the 30th since anything ordered from then will ship in the new year)... even though fuel costs are dropping and Finland's official inflation rate is negative. Fuckers.
So fill out your collection with these discounted items, don't forget to browse through the regular-price items, and get a T-shirt, or two, and we'll all be set for next year and all the fun new stuff that will (finally) bring." 

And don't forget to check out other LotFP pdf's available at RPGNow!

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