Saturday, 7 November 2015

Inkwell Ideas Dungeonmorph Dice, Spellunker Set

I won a competition by Inkwell Ideas and received a set of Dungeonmorph Spellunker dice set.

This is a review slash product presentation.

First of all, I love both maps and dice. Combine them, and you have a winner!

The dice are big, what makes them feel good in your hand, before you roll them. They roll nicely, and sound great. When you handle them, they are like a stress toy. You just want to fumble them.

In one set, there are five of the dice. Each face of each die is a different map. The trick is, all maps have exits in same spots, so you can combine them how you like and it always works.

You can generate random dungeons by rolling these dice and arrange them together. And what's best, any set of dungeonmorph dice work together. So you can combine different sets to create unique and huge dungeons!

Each die has a number from 1-6 on each side too, so basically they could work as d6s too!

Awesome, right?

But nothing is perfect, ever. Here are things that catch my attention:
If I wanted to know what dice are from which sets, I'd need to keep them separated from each other, unless I memorize the dice sets. Also, I think the individual dice should have an extra mark, or color or something, so you could easily write down the layout of dungeons. like 5A (5 as number of side and A as the die) on top, 3B below it etc.

Minor, minor things, but could be great addition.

I do recommend these for both dice and map lovers. A great product!

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