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[D&D 5E] Leveling without experience points tracking

Adventurer party from
+David Rollins made an interesting blog post about a campaign, where he would use Lamentations Of The Flame Princess material in Known World setting using 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons rules.

This is what David wrote in his post:
"My big challenge will be adapting the experience awards in the adventures to suit 5E. I'm reading through my new DMG in the hopes that I can figure out a fair way to assign experience since the adventures I'm using where [sic] designed to use treasure as the main source of XP rather than the conflict."
This is what I would do! This is not my original idea. I've read this somewhere, probably many times from different sources. But I like it.

The number of adventures/modules you play is how fast you level.

Rule of thumb: You level when you've completed number of adventures/modules equal to your current level. First level character needs to complete one adventure, fifth level needs to complete five adventures. Fifth level character has completed total of 15 adventures.

Some adventures are shorter or easier, some longer or harder.

Easy fix. Easy or short adventures equal 1/2 or even 1/4 of a "normal" adventure. Hard or long adventures might equal to two or three normal adventures. You might need four very short and/or easy adventures to get to the second level. From third to fourth level you might need only two longer or harder adventures.
If the adventures are hard enough to earn you more than just one level, just ignore the rest. You cannot skip levels, same thing with gold-xp.

Works best with unified experience charts.

Old-school games usually have unique experience charts for each character class. More modern D&D versions have same experience advancement chart for each of the classes. Easy to adapt for modern versions, might need tweaking for older versions, as the classes are balanced with experience point requirements.

Do you have a way to convert B/X or 1E (or even more recent) experience points for the fifth edition, or vice versa?

Share your method in comments!

Disclaimer: I haven't read 5th edition rules (yet), so I don't know what I am talking about!

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