Saturday, 26 September 2015

[Review] Doodle Temple

I don't know what +Cédric Plante's secret is, but his artwork and ideas move me. His weird fairytale dream-like art and the setting you can see through it makes me feel very happy, but a little sad in the same time. It is beautiful and great like The Little Prince book. Many times when I feel down or life is kicking me, Cédric's art makes world a little bit better place. Luckily there's plenty in his G+ feed, so there is no day that bad ever.

Cédric also has fantastic ideas for roleplaying games. For example check out this Dwarf Cubemaster. Damn cool! But this post is about Doodle Temple, a print-on-demand book.

Doodle Temple is quite simple. It's a booklet, where each page is an illustration. There's also a die result drawn on the page, so you can use it as a random room and temple content generator. There are things like rooms, doors and windows, traps, and creatures. Needless to say, I really like the illustration.

But is this a novelty item or an actual roleplaying games product? Well, both. You get ideas from the book, but there is nothing else but pictures. You have to write everything yourself from room descriptions to monster stats. I think, that Doodle Temple works best not as a random generator, but an actual temple location using all the content in one place. In the other hand, you could use this booklet to randomly add weird into any location. Doodle Temple can be a detail or a feature making every dungeon and place a little weird and special.

You have figured out that I like this. Only you can decide do you like it. I do recommend it, because things like these are nice to have around and in your collection. They make you happy.

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