Sunday, 12 July 2015

[Review] Diecrawler Drop Table Planet Generator

Disclaimer: The author, +Ryan Northcott, is my friend, but the content of this post is not biased.

It looks like this
Diecrawöer Drop Table Planet Generator is a colorful card/sheet you drop dice on, and from the results you -yes- generate a planet! It's that simple, and cool. If you didn't know, die drop tables are hot.

If you think that die-drop tables are a gimmick, you can use this also with normal dice rolling as a normal random table. Cool!

Colorful looks nice, but there's also a black&white version in the three page pdf. I personally like the b&w version more, because it is easier to read (for me). The font is scifi and a bit hard to read. In a table that doesn't matter as much as you don't spend time reading it like a book.

Not only planets, you also get things like resources, artifacts, technology levels, phenomenoms and other details.

The instructions to use this where a little hard for me to comprehend at first, but I think a person with average wits is just fine.There is an example picture how the information is located on the table, but water levels and gravity are sometimes switched. Doesn't affect the use of the table at all.

Conclusion: simple, fast, fun, cool planet generator for scifi games. Get it from RPGNow! It's inexpensive! (At the moment) pdf is $1.00 and pdf with cards* is $4.00.

*That card is a physical item, full bleed. I don't have it, so I don't know what it looks like in real life.

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