Tuesday, 23 June 2015

D-oom Products Google+ page

D-oom Products now has a Google+ site. If you want to be up to date what's going on, follow it from this link: https://plus.google.com/b/104162400847641802727/104162400847641802727/about
(This Google+ page replaces D-oom Products community and D-oom Products user profile)

Special offers, publication news, announcements, updates, hype... everything goes there!

If you like D-oom Products, go check it out!

If you are new to D-oom Products, check out the RPGNow store. There are currently three items available: Temple Of Greed (POD and PDF), Mead & Mayhem (POD and PDF) and Dragon Union (PDF).

You might also want to consider supporting me create OSR material at Patreon.
Patron supported material is released for free at Crypt Of Doom after one month from original release.

Want to contact me? You'll find me at Google+ ( +Thaumiel Nerub) or you can send me email to doomproducts at gmail dot com.

This blog? This is where I post thoughts, articles, random material, reviews and all things I find interesting. More than less OSR related.

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