Sunday, 14 September 2014

My dice

I love dice! I wish I had tons of dice. My big dream is to buy a pound-a-dice or two. I don't have as many dice as Guinness record collector, but I love every single die of mine.

  1. World of Darkness dice. In nWoD 8+ is a success so in these dice results 8, 9 and 10 are clearly visible and results 1-7 not so. Great for nWoD, other games not so practical.
  2. Pegasus Press manufactured dice set including D10 with "tens" in addition to normal D10 (0-9). Helden Würfel means hero's dice. Bought this set for my girlfriend because I think she deserved her own set of RPG dice.
  3. D30s. The ugly monstrous orange with green is normal. The black is MtG counter die.
  4. Clear sets. The first black is only one with D10 with "tens". The clear set is missing D10. The clear, purple, blue and green are my four first sets I've ever bought or owned!
  5. My do-it-yourself fudge dice from normal D6s with pips (here's how).
  6. Warhammer scatter die. Good to roll when you need to randomly determine all sorts of directions.
  7. These are very, very old.
  8. D3. Six sided die with results 1, 2 and 3 twice.
  9. Random D8s.
  10. D4s. My favorite is the red one because it's the only D4 I got which has results up, not down the side.
  11. D6s with numbers. For roleplaying games I prefer D6s with numbers instead of pips. For some reason I think pips are for boardgames and numbers are for roleplaying games.
  12. D10s for World of Darkness games I ran a lot. Rusty red are actually from Prince Of The City boardgame.
  13. Weird D10. I bought these like this. Monday quality I guess because the numbers are not colored. Extremely hard to use.
  14. Two lonely D10s.
  15. D12s.
  16. A party of D20s. The clear green is slightly smaller than the others.
  17. D6s with pips. Purple looks old.

To the left there are mini dice from Lamentations of the Flame Princess Grindhouse Edition. For size comparison there's an ordinary D20. I like that in LotFP set there is percentile D10 also. Things I don't like too much:

a) The colors don't match my idea of LotFP.
b) Contrast between colors of numbers and base is not that good.

Still, I like these little devils!

This is my Referee set I built. For use with OSR games (Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, LotFP etc.).
  1. D30 is for tables mainly.
  2. Whites are my full set.
  3. 3D20 to roll multiple attack/save results at once. 3 results are what I am comfortable with at one time.
  4. Extra blue D12 because it looks neat.
  5. 4D8 for HD.
  6. 3D6 for initiative.
  7. D10 % for percentile rolls - obviously.
  8. D3 because I own it. It is not too hard to roll 1-3 with D6. And the yellow color gives nice contrast here.
  9. WH scatter die for different things.
  10. Two D4s. White from full set and red because I like it a lot.

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