Thursday, 14 August 2014

Fabulorbis now with a blog

I wanted to get a place for my Labyrinth Lord campaign. A place where I could keep my notes and material easily in hand. And where I can update campaign setting information. I realized maybe this blog is not the right place for a world creation. Too much material... And this is for me and my game. Though why not to share if someone is interested in it?

I tried Obsidian Portal first but found it a little too clumsy and constrained for me (the free version at least). And for some reason I find wiki style updating a little too hard for me.

I am not sure if blogs (in blogspot) are most organized-ready for things like this, but I'll give it a shot. And what is most important is that I know how to navigate it!

At the moment I feel busy and all, so not going to flood Fabulorbis blog with material! But it is there ready for me.

I hope I made all the "about" section right. I am not that good with licenses, trademarks and OGL!

Oh and the world map I created using is awesome!

The world is crazy big! Now My adventures are set in Longland (map below, need to make it pretty with GIMP).

I do know where Longland is in that huge Fabulorbis map, without hex numbering it is quite hard to point out though...

And the blog address? Here:

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