Tuesday, 19 April 2016

[Review] Pile of Matt Jackson's (Chubby Monster Games) products reviewed

I have quite a few products from +matt jackson I review now. Matt Jackson is a great rpg cartographer, but he also writes awesome material. You can check out what coolness he has to offer at his blog, too. His material is OSR compatible. Here are his publications reviewed, that I own:

Kanthor's Den

Get it from RPGNow.

This adventure location is easy to throw in on your campaign on almost any fantasy setting you are running. Adventurers might want to help the people out, get rid of monsters being monsters or for cash. This adventure is encounter based, so it does not only read easy, but is also easy to run. There are four encounters where one is a dungeon and the final is the conclusion. Even though the dungeon is short, it is an exciting location to explore. Players might advance to slay every monster, but sometimes not every monster is wise to slay...

Well written, fun, short, easy to throw in with minimum preparation. Perfect to be around for those game nights when the main campaign for a reason or another doesn't advance as it should.

Moleskin Maps Volume One - Five

Get them from RPGNow: I, II, III, IV, V

Moleskin Maps are collections of different kinds of maps for you to use in your campaigns. Each volume contains 10 different maps and every map comes with an extra page where you can fill all the information to make an adventure location of your own. You get to develop the location name, background, key locations within, wandering encounters and treasure, not to forget personalized Game Master's notes.

These are great packets for those who like to build up their own adventures, but lack of mapping skills. Well, because Matt's maps are gorgeous, even mappers can enjoy them and only fill in the blanks. Dungeons, ruins, buildings, villages and wilderness are waiting for your creativity!

Side Treks 01: The Crossroads Of Spyley

Get it from RPGNow.

The Crossroads Of Spyley is a small location traveler's could rest at and fill in their equipment. Characters are easy to get to this location, not only because there is The Forest of Ruins nearby (not fleshed out, but you can throw all kinds of short adventures and dungeons there), but also because there are three adventure hooks to get to Spyley included.

These are the small products that come in handy. When you need a place, that is not a big town, in the middle of nowhere or along the way, this is a great product.

Side Treks 02: The Village Vol I.

Get it from RPGNow.

As the first Side Treks is a small location of three houses, the second one is a little bit larger; a tiny village this time. All five houses are well described and come with color maps. What I like, there are many random tables, for example stables have tables for what type of steeds are currently available and is the steed broken or not. In the village there are also fairies for sale, and more!

All maps came also in black and white for those who don't want to print in color.


I say this once more: Matt Jackson draws great maps, and his writing is great. All his products are small in size and content making them easy to throw in your campaign as additional material or filler. I can recommend all of them, but you can for sure find what you are looking for. If you want to write dungeons and content, you have blank maps to do that. You also get a small filler adventure, or locations to use for characters to interact in.

Matt's stuff are a no brainer. Affordable price combined with high quality and many, many 5-star reviews make Chubby Monster Games products a great addition to your Game Master's folder of sweet material.


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