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Because the international community of roleplayers has been so awesome to me, I decided to lower the price of Crypt Of Doom - A Compilation Of Patreon Supported 2015 Material to pay-what-you-want, both PDF and print (print at cost + postage). Original prices are $6.50 for PDF and $13.10 for POD. So now is your change to get all this for free:
  • About Level Drain
  • Æg Artifacts
  • Auspices
  • Bazaar Of Extraordinary Items
  • Bearries & Bearletons
  • Bubghia: The Hunters In Forests
  • Child Of The Rainbow Dust
  • The Church Of Stab
  • Dungeon Beneath The City
  • Encounters In Snowy Locations
  • Epic Mëtal Awesome Weapons
  • Eyes Of The Hidden Moon
  • Lioness Of The North
  • Monster Skeleton Creator
  • The Museum Of Artifacts
  • Night Leeches
  • The Rheum In The Fields
  • Sea Wizard's Coral Tower
  • Simple Adventure Generator
  • Stones Of The Gods
  • Tasty, Groovy, Poisonous Shrooms
  • Throne Of The Stone Cyclops
  • Tower Of Tremors
  • Witch's Cauldron Mishap Table

Get it here:

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[LotFP] Witchfinders, Demonhunters and Inquisitors

In the world where weird monsters and horrors are reality lurking behind the veils of everyday life, some brave and determined men and women have dedicated their lives to seek out and destroy these things. They are marked with a sacred brand on their forehead to grand special powers against the infernal and cosmic forces of evil.

Any new character from any class from the beginning of the campaign can be branded to gain a special power, which you determine rolling 1d6 from the table. Also roll for a disadvantage of the devotion. A character might later on a campaign become one going through a sacred ritual of branding. They must devote their adventuring life for the cause they have chosen.


They are professionals that seek out those who have powers beyond the man for selling their soul to the forces of evil. They know how to deal with witches and protect themselves against their malicious spells.


1. Immune to any charm or mind affecting powers of witches.
2. Can make a special balsam against witches powers. The balsam costs 100 GP of protection per level of witch's HD. The balsam, when applied to the skin, protects against one direct spell of the witch except charm and mind affecting spells.
3. Can sense a presence of a witch within 100 feet per their level.
4. When making a finishing blow against a witch, they can absorb one random power of her if they will. They must success a save versus Magic or be corrupted of the witchtanic power and lose their special ability for 1d6 levels.
5. Specialist in long-distance murder and take advantage on technology. +2 using gunpowder weapons. Also all maintenance work for gunpowder weapons are halved.
6. Resistant to poisons, but must drink a dose of poison daily or die, if doesn't save versus poison.


1. Every witch she kills reminds her of her own mother for a reason or another. She must save against paralyze or be depressed the next adventure suffering a -1 penalty to any roll.
2. She is hypersensitive for witch's body. Any time witch inflicts unarmed damage, she suffer extra 1d4 damage per witch's HD.
3. Her ancestor was a witch, and in her blood thin witchtanic trace. If she comes in touch with witch's blood, there is 1-in-6 chance that the witch within is invoked. Her alignment changes to chaotic and as she loses her advantage, she gains witchtanic powers.
4. All potions and alchemical fluids have double effect on her. Both helpful and harmful.
5. Has saved someone from witch's claws and now her responsibility is to protect him.
6. Is permanently ill, thanks to witch's curse. Needs medicine once every 2d4 days. Ingredients for one dose costs 10 GP per level and needs one special incredient to produce. With a successful Intelligence roll (under), can produce the medicine herself. Even though she doesn't success, the GP used for the ingredients is lost. If she buys the medicine prepared, one dose costs 25 GP per her level.


Infernal, demonic, monstrous and otherworldly beings are their enemies. Their mind is strong against the temptations and body resistant of their corruption. Their blade cuts precise and deep.


1. Against demonic creatures they deal extra 1d6 damage.
2. Can roll two dices to save against demonic powers and corruption.
3. Can learn from the demons they destroy, giving them +1 to attack rolls, damage rolls and saves against same types.
4. Has 5% chance per their level to learn a spell cast against them. They can use it once, until learned again.
5. Has one special weapon you have used to kill your first monster. With this weapon you get +2 to damage, to-hit and armor class. Without that weapon you suffer severe effects of fright and self-esteem problems causing you to be extremely insecure and undetermined also suffering -1 to all actions you take.
6. Can brand others. In exchange of permanent bonus of 1 to saves versus demonic and monstrous powers they suffer 1d4 permanent damage to HP.


1. The lure of demonic powers is strong against her. Every time she encounters a demon she must success in save against magic. If she fails six times in her life, her soul is lost and possessed by a demon (roll summon spell chart to see what abomination she will become).
2. There is a 1-in-6 chance a day that she will mistake something ordinary (a peon, a goat, a windmill) for a demon and she will try to destroy. It is possible to stop her and talk sense to her, but it is not an easy task.
3. She is like a magnet for the demons. Demons can sense her from a distance and from beyond the curtains of dimensions. Every week there is a 1-in-6 chance that a demon finds her and tries to destroy her.
4. All the evil she has seen and conquered has tainted her soul, and no clerical magic works on her.
5. Has had a taste of blood of her enemies and must drink demonic or monstrous blood at least once per week or die if doesn't save against poison.
6. Has hunted creatures of darkness so long, that suffers from sunlight. It burns her skin and she cannot see well. -2 to all eyesight related tasks and 1 HP damage per hour when exposed to direct sunlight.


Not necessarily the forces of evil are always witches or demons. Also ordinary people are capable of horrible things and crimes against humanity. You are the one who weeds the evil from the hoi polloi. Your actions might be horrible or brutal, but it is for the good of the humanity.


1. Knows how to torture and get information or confessions out of anyone. It takes one hour and 1d4 damage per HD of the victim to squeeze out whatever the inquisitor wants to know. Unfortunately, there is a 50% chance that the victim just says what inquisitor wants to hear, so he can get a release from the pains and horrors of torture.
2. Knows how to hurt people. When your attack roll is 19 or 20, you can aim your opponent and cause him severe pain with extra 1d4 +1 per level damage.
3. Gets +2 bonus to your Charisma every time you intimidate someone.
4. No pain, no gain. They have caused so much suffering, they almost live out of it. As a bonus action inquisitor can wound himself to gain half of that damage to next attack as a to-hit bonus.
5. Harsh training has made her tougher. She needs half the amount of rations and can resist harsh weather effects with doubled efficiency.
6. Can prevent evil spells from harming her and her group if will sacrifice as many people as the spell level in 12 hours. If doesn't, all the spell effects will fire on her with double effect.


1. Has seen so much blood and suffering you have inflicted, that you cannot feel empathy anymore. Every action you take is aggressive against normal people and you can only see the worst in them.
2. Is scarred from the burning firebrands and self-inflicted wounds and need to hide your monstrous skin under a hood not to scare people. You look like a monster yourself.
3. Is haunted by ghosts of innocent people she has killed in torture. In the beginning of game there are 1d4 souls to haunt her, and every time an innocent person is dead by her hands she must save against magic or suffer of another haunt. Naturally, there are psychological effects to this every day there is 2% chance per haunting soul that her conscience is making her question her cause and her advantage doesn't work that day.
4. Is twisted and bloodlusty and will always kill if there is a chance. No enemy or victim of her should remain alive.
5. Must daily repent her own sins or lose her advantage for a day. Repenting sins demands two hours of prayer and self whipping.
6. There is something holy in her, god knows what twisted god thinks so. She has stigmata that bleeds constantly. Lose 1d2 HP daily from bleeding palms. Also handling weapons is harder without gloves or straps as blood soaked hands are slick.

You can download the pdf, with slightly revised text, from my Patreon page!

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The Black Hack + Roll20 + The Overrun Mines

I and +Kookko Jaskinen  continued the game we started in public at eat-all-you-can pizzeria Rax via Roll20. One major change was, that we ditched Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox and decided to use The Black Hack instead. Converting the character was easy, because all that matters is attributes.

Mad real time mapping skills, looks exactly like the original map!

We continued the adventure of Jarod, who gained epithet "Unlucky" because he did not only lose a finger, but also half of his face in Temple Of Greed. After this Fighter's master died at the temple, Jarod had no future in the religious order. So he started traveling and ended up to this remote mining town. Drinking was what he started to do...

There he met new party members, Thurnsted the Rogue, who made home of this towns tavern avoiding the law for a reason he called "a misunderstanding". The second addition to the party was Ivan Slick, the Cleric, who was sent to a pilgrimage, where he was supposed to see a holy sign that would grand him his praying ability (read: second level). That never happened and he got frustrated ending to the very same mining town drinking.

They had jolly time drinking and eating and sleeping, but the day came when they ran out of money. Lucky for them, the mines had some trouble. I rolled random rumors from The Overrun Mines adventure and got:

  • "Here have been cave-ins, something rustles the stone in the deep and I barely escaped with my life."
  • "There is a dungeon holding cell deep within the mine; I have no idea what it was used for."
  • "The mine used to be a goblin hideout, we cleared it of those foul creatures years ago."
They left Thurnsted to the tavern, because his Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma were low, so he wouldn't say anything stupid or haggle like an idiot, and went to meet minemaster. They got the mission to go check these rumors so employees would get back to work. From 100 SP (I use silver standard) reward they managed to haggle to 200 SP! Great! That's plenty of money to continue easy life!

In a fantasy setting full of monsters, who of a right mind would work in a
place like this?!

Inside the dungeon in the common room where ore is loaded and supplies unpacked they took some pick axes and rope with them and continued deeper. Ivan the Cleric scouted the first intersection a little and they decided to go forward where seemed to be a big cave.

The cave is where the ore is dug. In the middle of this large cave was a cave in, and deep down a wounded grey worm. They figured out, maybe this grey worm was the reason for cave-ins and rustling noises, and decided to kill it. They started pushing rocks down trying to squash it!

Thurnsted is a weak fellow, so I decided every rock they drop (dealing 3d6 damage) on the work, Thurnsted should roll STR starting from advantage, then normal, and the rest disadvantages. If he failed, he would refuse to push down any more rocks because he has hurt himself. The second rock down and whining starts! The worm had 9 HP left and Thurnsted tried to deal more damage with his crossbow, but didn't deal near enough to kill it. They were thinking, they must kill it to claim it their work so no one can deny their reward.

I ruled, that Thurnsted could try to roll one extra rock with a disadvantageous STR roll, but if he failed, he'd suffer 1d3 damage for hurting his muscles more. Luckily there was a melting oven with liquid hot iron in it. They poured it in the cave-in killing the worm. When it's skin bursted and boiled, it made exactly the same noises as cheese sausage on a grill. Shizzle shizzle crack pop. The worm was dead.

Dead gray worm. It was 30 meters long!

The opening to the south-east had many killed miners and they figured out the worm came that way and managed to grab and kill few. As the miners flew around the cave-in the blind worm fell in following them. There must be more of these worms, maybe, but they didn't care. One was dead and that's enough! But there's still those three other rumors to take care of...

They follow the passage and take the intersection north, where there is a barred door. Thurnsted opens the door and jumps back like a coward and Ivan steps in like a hero. Nothing inside, except remains of a fire and blackened goblin bones, which naturally reanimate and attack. The combat was not tough, but they decided to spend a hour fixing their armor after it (to restore their Armor Points).

There is no random encounters table in The Overrun Mines, so I decided to use Underworld Day Rules table. Once a day underground you roll it to see the effect on the party. I wanted to use it, because this party wouldn't be underground for a day (necessarily). Die tells, that Thurnsted the Rogue suffers 1 (5%) penalty to every action until he gets some fresh air. He starts to get frustrated because there are no treasures, goblin bones where empty.

Forward they venture and take a junction to the left to barracks. No treasures, just junk. Player Jaakko wanted to roll again the Underworld Day Rules table, because he thought that Thurnsted got more frustrated for the lack of  treasures and it effects the whole group. Everyone's morale suffers and they lose 2 permanent HP until they get out.

Back and forward to an ancient goblin throne room. On the throne there is a shackled, very living dead goblin king. On the floor four goblin skeletons lay. What makes Thurnsted run to the room yelling "FINALLY TREASURE", was a partially open fake wall.

Image from

And the goblin king breaks it's straps and the skeletons reanimate. Combat started quite well, but soon turned into murder - of adventurers. Ivan was first to be KO'd and Jarod decided to both hit a skeleton and chuck some healing potion in his system (second level Fighter has two attacks, I ruled he can attack with a disadvantage and use a potion on his friend). Ivan is back in game, but suffering broken bones and -2 to physical attributes.

Thrunsted, even though he is weak and a dick, was lucky both in hitting and avoiding to be hit. Their second level Warrior, Jarod was soon downed and not too long, and Ivan followed him to oblivion. Thurnsted managed to kill the undead goblin king with cunning (running and shooting) and force (stabbing like mad). With the band's last potion of health, he revived Jarod. They decided to flee, but Jarod insisted they take the corpse of Ivan Slick with them to find someone to resurrect him - or at least offer him proper funeral.

They also decided they should tell they have dealt with the problems, get the reward and get outta there as soon as possible, before they figure out that not all problems are dealt with. Good luck with that! Next time... A new dungeon to explore and to die in!

DM notes, NPC stats and info, initiative counter, combat tracker. All well organized. I didn't actually use Death & Dismemberment table, because The Black Hack's Out of Action (OofA) works fine! That red d20 on the picture was a bomb! It gave crits for adventurers (natural 1) and crits for enemies (natural 20)!

Big thanks for Jaakko for a fun game, and for helping me out writing the final combat. There was lots of things going all with one-shot-kill goblin skeletons, and falling party members.

Jaakko is also a great player for 1-on-1 games, because he is Dungeon Master in his own games. It's fun to create some scenes and details together. I can throw him a ball for a moment to ask him for some details on something, and it is fun! Also the background story for this adventure (basically downtime between Temple Of Greed and The Overrun Mines) we developed together, which was great fun! I really enjoy gaming 1-on-1 with Jaakko, we are good together... arrright now it starts to sound inappropriate!

Well, until next time!

And hey, if you want to, you can suggest a dungeon for one level characters. Preferably one you can run in one session (two dungeons down and like 1/4 explored in both!!!) IF you don't have any greater ideas, they will travel to... No Country For Weak Men by +Anders Hedenbjörk Lager. And when the party (or anyone) hits 3rd level, there will be an extra episode of The Flayed King by +Tim Shorts where a new character of a new character class will be introduced to the game... well, only if he survives!

Syöksykierre-Nick available at Hiidenpeli

D-oom Products now has his first publication available at a game store! Hiidenpeli is great, they don't only have a webstore, but they also actively go to events and cons and actually play games with their customers. How cool is that!

Available at:
D-oom's HOLVI

Syöksykierre-Nick is a Finnish storytelling game of old-fashioned stories of heroes. It does not need dice except for some random tables for inspiration and is extremely rules light. Author is Risto J. Hieta, who has worked for games industry as a writer and games designer. Artwork is from professional artist Hans Zenjuga. Publishing and layout by Thaumiel Nerub.

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[Review] Alpha Blue + Girls Gone Rogue

Get it from RPGNow, both PDF and POD!
ALPHA BLUE is a sleazy science fiction roleplaying game cheering 70's weird scifi and exploitation entertainment. In Alpha Blue interalienracial sex, drug abuse and killing stuff is perfectly normal - and acceptable. Because Alpha Blue is a space bordel!

But what can you do in this space station of sin except have dirty adventures? Quite a lot, in fact!

Even though Alpha Blue is about sex, it is a real game. And a good game too. You might get best of the setting if you keep the sex, drugs and sleaze, but don't make it the focus of the game. You can play space action adventures with sleaze vibes. That's how you can make Alpha Blue a blast! Remember the sleaze, but don't make this game full of it making it a dirty joke. Make it awesome!

If you are already familiar with +Venger Satanis' writing style, you know what to expect. It's like Venger is telling you all these cool ideas, maybe not organized, but clear. His enthusiasm comes across the text. It is friendly, but guiding. There are no dull moments reading Kort'thalis Publishing's products.

I mentioned that it might be not organized that well. It's because there is so much material in the product. Mostly fluff and random tables. And oh boy there are many random tables making this book quite useful even outside of Alpha Blue station! You get all kinds of fun things for character creation like how he dresses and what his signature weapon is. And naturally if you're an alien, what kind of an alien you are from appearance to customs. Other tables are really useful for running adventures.

Alpha Blue is mainly a setting, and easily compatible with any system you want to run it with. But there are light rules included, which are quite fun. Characters have no stats and all difficulties of rolls are determined by who the character is (not what his numeric stats are) and what the overall situation is like. More important is what kind of sex your character likes than how hard he can hit an opponent!

Extras are two character sheets, other darker version and a map of a single floor of Alpha Blue station spread on four pages. It would have been cool if it was pre-numbered so you could fill it easier yourself, as there are locations in the book, but they are not marked on the map. Alpha Blue is supposed to have several floors, but one pre-made floor would have been fun so you could get the gaming on straight ahead. Now you have to map the place before playing the game. Small wrinkle, nothing huge!

Illustration... ehm, I don't like it. Overall it's not quite good. Half of the images are decent and give an idea what Alpha Blue is like, but some pictures are lame; example a person who looks like Doctor Who with two women. Needless to say, there is lots of nudity, partial and full. One other complaint is that men and women are not sexualized equally - there are more naked women than men. Kort'thalis' overall sexual imaginary is quite masculine. It would be cooler if there were more stronger women in illustration and fiction. I am a heterosexual guy who does enjoy strong women too, not always those slaves in golden bikini...

Also there could have been more adventure examples and seeds on what happens at Alpha Blue space station bordel. Now there are only few, and most of those happen outside of the station. Oh why...

Overall Alpha Blue is a great rpg product, if you are not too sensitive for sleazy adult themes. You get lots of random tables to use, a detailed location and light rules. If tentacle sex and drugs you are okay with, you should check Alpha Blue out! If you want to know how people have ran Alpha Blue, here is a Google search done for you: ZAP!

Get it from RPGNow, both PDF and POD!
GIRLS GONE ROGUE is an expansion for Alpha Blue. You don't necessarily need it, but it sure makes the game 1000% better! The pdf is 80 pages of everything! Character creation and options are expanded. There are more little rules like dueling and ship to ship combat. There are more random tables, all kinds of them for so many different situations. You also get quite a few adventures. And tables to create planets. And now the illustration is from the same to better to great!

Girls Gone Rogue makes Alpha Blue better in so many ways expanding it to a full throttle to run campaigns. There is so much material combined in these books, that you will never run out of adventuring ideas and random tables.

Mark my word, even without sex Alpha Blue (and Girls Gone Rogue) is/are a great game full of fun and useful material. If you don't like sleazy themes, just drop them and enjoy space adventures! Illustration... well, you just have to deal with it :)