Wednesday, 20 April 2016

D-oom Products has a new partner, meet Sotakone Miniatures

Only after meeting Sotekone's Jan "Häkkis" Spinner twice, I was determined to make them my partners. And it happened. D-oom Proudly presents Sotakone, who will stock me with all kinds of neat items, including dice!

Even though Sotakone Miniatures is a Finnish company, you can benefit from their great stocks and knowledge. Wargames, miniatures, dice, collectible card games, they got everything covered!

If you happen to be a Finn (or visiting Turku), you can step in their store at Tuureporinkatu 19n (inner ward). But if Turku is too far from you, you can visit their website to satisfy your needs at

Sotakone Store, "The Bunker"
Gaming area.

Soon I am about to publish a d30 Swampcrawl supplement for OSR games, and for basement prints there will be d30s bundled, which Sotakone provide for me. Without them, getting these special and lovely dice would have been so much harder, and more expensive!


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