Tuesday, 12 April 2016

New Kickstarter from Venger Satanis: The S'rulyan Vault

+Venger Satanis has a new Kicksterter, this time a huge map inspired by early D&D blue maps. And this map will be huge! You can print it at home on several sheets, or take it to your local print shop to get a big map!

But not only a map, you'll also get a pdf for generating random content making each adventure into the S'rulyan Vault unique!

This project is already backed and now we are aiming at the stretch goals:

  • same map with "realistic" background
  • custom character sheet compatible with O5R
  • four additional map quadrants
  • everything for free for everyone (well, except for the backers, but we are the saints who make good things for the world)

The maps are drawn by a great talent, +MonkeyBlood Design.

If you are not familiar with Venger's work, he writes awesome swords & sorcery material with strong eldrich and Mythos feel. He has more unorthodox material than your average D&D with elves and hobbits adventuring and doing nice things. You can check his publications at RPGNow and read his thoughts at his blog. Monkeyblood's stuff can be found here.


"This is by no means finished, it's just a starting point for the blue map that Glynn's been working hard at.
Looks pretty neat, though...
Quoted from the campaign page.


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