Sunday, 3 April 2016

Patreon news

I am going to make few changes where and how I publish material. I realized that it is silly to post creations I of Patreon to other blog (Wordpress' Crypt Of Doom). Why would I encourage traffic of Patreon material to a site that is not

I do not know. But it is silly, and there is no advantage to it.

I have published the material for patrons first, and later for everyone to see. I have asked your opinion, and what I have gathered is that it's ok to post material immediately free for all.

From now on everyone can see and download the material I post here. The difference is, if you support me, you get the rewards!

I also added a new reward level called Compendium. There is only one available. The Compendium level supporter will each month get all the hand-drawn material sent to him! At first, Compendium reward will be everything hand-drawn this far!

You can find pdfs of what I have released this far from Crypt Of Doom, but from now on there will be no more updates to that site. Everything I release from now on, you'll find at my Patreon page.


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