Wednesday, 6 April 2016

2 painters, 1 brush. Started painting minis after 18 years

Finally I did what I have wanted to do for a long time; bought miniatures paints at Luminyrkki from Sotakone Miniatures. Last time I painted in the 90s I used Citadel's colors, but these I bought are The Army Painter. I am not the best guy to tell how The Army Painter compares to Citadel, because it's a long time since I painted actively, but I like the feel and color of these paints. They are quite affordable and the tubes are very great compared to pots. It is easy to measure out the paint one drop at a time, or you can pop the tube open and dip right in. And I think the colors are easy to mix.

If you are interested in this brand, you might find this blogpost useful.

One interesting and fun thing is, that I also got my girlfriend to try painting - for the first time ever. She did a really good job in painting her first mini, a Space Crusader ork! Unfortunately I didn't buy extra brushes, so we had to take turns to paint our guys.

Enough chatter, here's the pictures!

Guys painted. In this picture you see the tubes. The color range is small, but enough, as you can always mix the paints. It's easy. But the set lacks gray which is a big shame! In this box you also get some instruction tutorials, which should get you started.
Tres painted hombres. Greenskins are from Space Crusade, the skeleton was included in the wargames paint set.
My girlfriend's ork. First mini ever she painted.
My gretchin otherwise done but lacking facial details.
I think I glue some extra fine sand on bases and paint it grey. Grey because there is no grass in hulks.
This skeleton needs base painted, and he's done!
Now we have bought new brushes and bigger bottles of white, black and gray from a hobby crafts store.


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