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Three headed guardian bird of giants

Three Headed Guardian Bird of Giants

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Big horse sized stupid birds breed by giants. Domesticated thus rarely seen in the wild without giants in present. Giants breed these stupid birds as guardians for sites of importance (ancient giant ruins; giant settlements; places not to be disturbed; in example where dragons sleep and should remain so).

Those birds giants don't train to be guardians, they eat. The meat tastes smoky, it tingles the tongue and makes you very sleepy after the dinner. Many times after feasting with three headed bird meat giants get itis and nap for 3-6 hours after. The bird eggs are delicious, and nutritious, but the itis is even stronger, 6-10 hours nap needed. For humanoids the durations of nap are 3 times longer, except for Halflings and Dwarves who recover as giants. One meal of three headed guardian bird every two days is enough to keep you going.

Training of three headed bird is hard and strength of a giant is needed. Also healthy dose of stubborn and lack of self-protection. Stupid birds don't control their attacks if not trained, so giants who have specialized in training these birds usually wear special equipment to protect themselves from electrocution, fire and sleep poison.

Three Headed Guardian Bird Of Giants (Labyrinth Lord)
No. Enc.: 2d4 (depending on a thread)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 30' (10', Fly: 180' (60')
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 8 (40 HP, first head is lost at 30 HP, second at 15)
Attacks: 3 heads
Damage: Electrocution, Fire, Poison
Save: F11
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: As giant(s) who hurled it + 1d2 eggs

  • Electrocution: 2d6 damage, ignores AC by two points. Save or be stunned for next round.
  • Fire: 2d4 damage, 30 ft. cone. 1 in 6 change that victim catches fire (higher change if wearing more flammable equipment). When set on fire suffer 1d4 damage dext round.
  • Poison: 10 ft. cone. Save or as sleep spell cast by 3th level Magic-User.
Giants throw the bird in the location of their decision and the bird precisely lands there using its wings. It takes 1d3 rounds for the bird to land after throwing. When the bird lands randomly determine in which direction each of its three heads looks at (1d8 for each head, each result is one direction - 1 is north, 2 north-east, 3 east and so on). The bird observes these directions for 1d3 rounds after it will seek around. Roll again new directions. The bird is stupid and will not change the direction of a head which it currently observes.
It will attack everything on sight of the direction, except giants.

Inspired by a dream where I was equipped with a chainmail, lance and a tower shield exploring ancient giant ruins when I spotted a giant in a distance. The giant hurled a three headed bird at me and then the combat begun...

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