Friday, 27 March 2015

[Monster] Huxol by Daniel Luce

I found the following GIF at google plus feed and wanted to share it and stat it. Unfortunately I was occupied at the moment so I decided to stat the beast later. +Daniel Luce (my new friend because he is nice and I like his stuff) stepped in and made THIS so I didn't have to do anything with the idea anymore! With Daniel's permission, I share HIS monster writing here. Statted for BLUEHOLME(tm).

Thank you Daniel!

HD-1 AC-7 Mov-40 XP-20 Alignment-CE
Treasure: (roll on Hereticwerkz random jink table)
Attack: 2 Claws + 1 Nite / Screech
Damage: 1d4, 1d4, 1d6 / Special

Born when the apes of the jungle consume the flesh of those slain in clan wars, the Huxol (Lost Child) takes on the rage and anguish of the unrestful dead. Their intelligence heightened, and their minds twisted, the Huxol in gruesome fetish collection takes the face of one of the dead, donning it like a hat. From a distance, the Huxol may be mistaken for a lost child, hence their name. In combat, the Huxol will fight until dead, packs of Huxols have become a bane to travellers in the verdant expanses of late.

The shriek of a Huxol is laden with that same force of emotion that birthed it. Those hearing the shriek must save vs spell. Failure induces a berserker fury in the listeners, increasing their attack vs Humanoids by +2.
There is a 50% change the victims will attack friend in lieue of foe.

Being immune to the screech of the Huxol, the Lizardmen of the jungle have taken to hauling the things around in cages, further adding to the chaos of teheir raids.


  1. Eek!! Can I put that into the Compleat Rules?

    1. Ask Daniel Luce. I just published the critter in this space.