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[LL] Material I used for "Forgotten Legend Lives" campaign

It all begun when I wanted to play Labyrinth Lord the traditional-ish vanilla-ish fantasy way. My girlfriend is not a big fantasy fan in tabletop roleplaying games, even though she has enjoyed games like Elder Scrolls III to V.

She likes elves, so an elf character we created for her. I let her roll a random magic weapon from treasure tables. As she was only player for this campaign, I thought I'd give her an edge with more powerful item. Also that item worked as an inspiration for the campaign. The item was +2 sword (+3 against giants). The buff against giants gave me already some ideas.

But a setting needs a map! I thought that it would be a good introduction to fantasy gaming if she didn't know anything about the world her character was about to step in, so I just made a map of the area everything is going to happen at.

So I made a hex map. I didn't have any idea what the setting would be like. I just thought "like a fantasy place" but more humans than demi-humans and fantastic beings.

Then I had to choose the starting place, which is at 56P. And a map for that place. I asked around google plus and +Dyson Logos suggested I'd use one of his mapsThe Village Of Brenton's Bend . That is very cool small town map with an extra dungeon to delve. Perfect! I didn't include the dungeon but later in the campaign, though.

This and many other great maps can be found at Dyson Logos' website:
Also he's got Patreon campaign going for more maps:
The campaign started like Elder Scrolls games: you are a prisoner and you end up in the place where you are going to adventure and you yet don't know what the setting - or your character is going to be like. That was perfect for the player so she didn't have to learn what the setting is and everything, she could just start to explore fantasy with her character and herself! It also gave me free hands to go what ever direction I wanted from a scratch. Sounds hard, does it? Not really, I just had to know as much as player knows plus the important events what are in the background. Quite simple and fun, actually.

To get things going, I wanted to have a small adventure what was not a dungeon. So I created "Graveyard Of Dusk". It's a small location with few hotspots to wonder, a NPC to meet and a bigger plot with spooky encounter. Very simple.

That's how it started. Now to the material I used for the campaign:

Labyrinth Lord for core rules.
Dwarves Of Longland post here for describing the most important race after humans.
The Hanging Garden for side-quest but it turned out to be a secret lab (premise) after clearing.
Norman's Gone Missing for side-quest and to introduce cultists into the plot.
The Overrun Mines was a review copy I received, so why not to use it! Also it led to pet dragon.
Gurah, necromancer I created to be the big bad guy.
Cleric Blessed Holy Symbol I created so elf could have some fun turning undead.
Where Is Margesh Blackblood? A side-quest and to introduce a new NPC.
Silvervine Games Paper Mini Maker to craft minis for the final battle.
Dwarven Warrior Stats I created for minis combat.
AC10 Bestiary Of Dragons And Giants for inspiration as the campaign was about those two.
Monster Manuals of 1st and 3rd editions to compare dragon stats and find a cool pet dragon for character.

"AC10 TSR9211 Bestiary Of Dragons And Giants" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia
The campaign started with a character who basically didn't know who she is in a land where Elves had left ages ago. She ended to be the elven queen of the past what came back to slay undead giant armies controlled by his father who now was evil necromancer. Also she found her old pet dragon.


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