Sunday, 21 December 2014

[Review] Where Is Margesh Blackblood?

Also available as tiny booklet.
Margesh and his bandits have been terrorising the countryside. There's a price for his head. But where is Margesh?

In 10 (total 12 pages plus covers) pages of adventure text and maps there's lots of fun. The maps are good and locations vary from each other for an interesting location based hide and seek.

There is replay value even for GMs because in the beginning of the adventure Margesh's location is randomly determined from the four hideouts.

I had fun running this, and my player had fun playing this.

I can highly recommend this for one nights fun or a filler.

In My Game

Margesh was a female. I don't know why, but from the beginning before I started to read this I got that idea from the title. Really Margesh is a guy in this adventure. But isn't female brigandine more... appealing?

For the rest of the campaign (I used Labyrinth Lord), Margesh was NPC ally of the character who decided to save her life.
This adventure is designed for Swords & Wizardry rules but is easily all-OSR-compatible.

GM Games is one of my favorite publishers. Available at DriveThru, pay-what-you-want.


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    1. Yeah, this adventure is very good.

      I liked all the locations. Ogre situation was a fun surprise. The tower from the outside is very "what's going on in here".