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[LL] Gurah, the evil wizard, dark sorcerer, necromancer

Gurah is the main bad guy in my Labyrinth Lord Longland campaign, The Forgotten Legend Lives.

CLASS: Necromancer

LEVEL: 12th


AC: 2

HP: 28

STR: 5 (-2) Weak and wretched
CON 7 (-1) Brittle and sickly
INT 17 (+2)
WIS 16 (+2)
CHA 17 (-1)

Breath Attacks: 12
Poison or Death: 9
Petrify or Paralyze: 9
Wands: 9
Spells or Spell-like Devices: 8

4 1st, 4 2nd, 3 third, 3 fourth, 3 fifth, 2 sixth

1st Lvl Spells: Command dead, Command undead, Locate remains, Pass undead, Ray of puking pain* Read magic,
2nd Lvl Spells: Choke, Flesh to salt**, Ghoul touch, Ray of pain,
3rd Lvl Spells: Animate dead (MU), Summon undead I, Unhallow,
4th Lvl Spells: Inter,Summon undead II
5th Lvl Spells: Summon undead III, Wall of gloom
6th Lvl Spells: Curse of undeath, Lich touch, Summon undead IV

*Ray of puking pain: D4 damage. Projectile vomiting of blood, black tar, and glowing blue slime. Combat becomes problematic. Successful save = half damage and keep your insides in. (Thanks +Nick Peterson )
**Flesh to salt: Make a save or be turned to salt. (Thanks +Chris Tierney )

Gurah generally doesn't use spells from his old Magic-User times.
1st Lvl Spells: Detect magic, Floating disc, Magic missile, Sleep
2nd Lvl Spells: Arcane lock, Detect invisible, Knock, Web
3rd Lvl Spells: Dispel magic, Protection from normal missiles

Naturally Gurah has many other items both magical and mundane, but these are the things he carries and equips normally.
The Shield. This belt buckle is a powerful defensive item. If the damage result is between 2-5 the damage is ignored.
Robe Of A Necromancer. Any spell from the necromancer's spell list(1) has a 1 in 4 change to stay in a caster's memory when cast.
The Ring Of Resurrection. Once, if Gurah dies, this ring resurrects him back to full HP. The ring is then destroyed blowing up his left hand.

When ten cultists of Gurah join their minds and powers Gurah has almost unlimited power over dead. He, for example, has sent ten undead stone giants into a fight. With the Circle of Summoning Undead in work he can control up to 100 HD worth of undead walkers of skeletons and zombies from different races. The Circle doesn't work on otherwordly or spiritual beings.
Those cultists who maintain the circle can keep it powered for 10 hours at a time. After that period they need to rest for 1d4 days before they can continue. With magic their stamina of keeping The Circle up can be extended.
(1) All these spells are found in Theorems & Thaumaturgy document except those which aren't (mentioned).
(2) All these spells can be found in core Labyrinth Lord rules book.

Necromancer character class (from Theomers & Thaumaturgy, get it HERE) for Labyrinth Lord by +Gavin Norman

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