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Creating a character for Hulks & Horrors

Hulks & Horrors is read and game is ready to begin! This neat scifi game has so much great, and one of the coolest races (as class like in B/X) is Hovering Squid. There are stat requirements but I'll keep my fingers crossed to be able to create one of these guys!

This awesome picture by:
Hovering squids are like hovering octopuses with beak and everything. They have tentacles and can multi-task easily. Let's start!

3D6 In Order

Everyone know this already! To get a squidstats I need minimum DEX of 7 and maximum STR of 16. My stats and modifiers are as following:

STR: 10 (melee to hit and damage 0)
DEX: 11 (AC and ranged to hit 0)
CON: 17 (HP +2)
INT: 14 (Charge 2)
WIS: 14 (Psi 2)
CHA: 10 (Languages 2, Sl'ettexik-sa (squid-people-talk) and Tradespeak)

Choose Your Class

I already did when I read the book! My class is a hovering squid! I can multi-task, I got directional awareness, I can entangle with my tentacles, and I can sense inorganic life.

Hit Points

My HD is D8, and I get +2 from high Con. My hit points score is 6.

To-hit Scores

Either I use Thac0 as a solid number or refer to a chart. My choice. My Thac0 is 5. I need to roll below my that score + enemy AC. Wonky, but I'll get used to it and it works as good as any D&D-clone to-hit.

Saving Throws

Saves are same as my Dex, Con and Wis (more like 3E instead of B/X/1E) and I get +1 bonus to Dex.

Choose Programs And Powers

I ain't scientist nor psionic, so nothing here for me. Programs and Psi-powers basically replace wizard and cleric spells of fantasy settings.

Buy Equipment
See, Mass Effect is doing it right!

3D6 x 100 credits. I got 1500.

I can use pistols and daggers (there are weapon restrictions for classes) so those are what I buy first. My tentacles make it easier to wield two guns for me so I am going to buy two guns! A Particle Beamer is most powerful pistol! One of those thank you, also some ammo (100 shots). And a laser pistol is a solid gun (damage is 2D6, keep highest). 60 shots. A simple shiv (1D3 dmg) can be my tool and backup defense.

960 credits spent! 540 left.

I can use light armor. Fiberweave and my AC is 7 instead of unarmored 9. Costs 100.

I've got 440 credits for other equipment, like protective filter masks, batteries, general equipment, computerized devices and so on. One think I am going to buy from this list (this is the boring part in my opinion anyways) is Wrist computer for 200 cr. It has all functions of modern mobile phone from network access to puzzle games and a camera. Also includes old Allman Brothers albums from 20th century (I am not making this up).

Finishing Touches

Name is hard to come by when my hovering squid race don't use consonants B, F, M, P etc. Hoodtsssax is his name...

When I spread my last seed, I was capable to produce, into the collective birth pool I was no use as a member of our society anymore. Well, maybe I could have been useful, but I decided that I wouldn't be to make my leave much easier. I've always been curious about space and stars. Distant worlds. So, now I try to get myself hired in a space ship to start my journey and adventure.

Hulks & Horrors character creation is fast and fun. And it doesn't end there. As a GM you have so many things to create. Space ships, solar systems and sectors, space stations, hulks, ruins, cities...

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