Friday, 15 August 2014

Teratic Tome - you should check this out!

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If you like things that are nasty and nostalgic (nastalgic?), then the orange-spined Teratic Tome might just bring a smile to your carapace.

Also available...
> Pandemonio: In the streets of Boise, Kansas City, or maybe Portland, sociopathic exorcists rip demons out of victims' orifices
> ViewScream: Video-chat larp about blood-spattered crew members inside a derelict spaceship, and tentacled horrors just outside
> Hexcommunicated: A novel about skelekinetics and soultergeists and fearwolves and war and terrorism and so forth

All this filth can be yours if you just throw drachmas here:

That's what +Rafael Chandler announced at Google Plus.

I love Teratic Tome. I have to admit I haven't had time to actually read it but I've gone through the illustration thrice! First when I got it. Then second time with time (and awe) and third time I forced my girlfriend to check those pictures out with me. AND RATE THEM (1 lame, 2 ok, 3 awesome). She gave more awesome than lame and ok...

For busy myself the monster entries are a little tl;dr but that's my problem. It would be better for me if there was a quick note what the monster is about, and then the longer text :) But yeah, that's just me.

I had one question for Rafael about the working process he had done with this. Which was first, the text or the pics? Did he write monsters and got illustration for those or did he get pictures and wrote fluff and stats based on the visuals?

Rafael answers: Some of the artwork came from Pandemonio (which was previously released as two games -- Dread in 2002, and Spite in 2009). In those cases, I started with the image, then wrote up new descriptions. The rest of Teratic Tome's artwork was new, and for those commissioned pieces of art, the description came first.

Bonus question: Do you have a perverse fixation to tentacles and appendices with mouths and what not instead of legs?

Rafael answers: Mmmmmmaybe.

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