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RPGaDAY in August

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UPDATE: Actually I won't do this. You who do this have fun. In the end of the month (or when I feel like it) I might write a post based on questions here. It would be a small introduction of my gaming history for those who don't already know it.

Thanks +James Young for reminding me something important I already had forgotten.


Answering these questions here, now.

1. ANKH. Finnish RPG what has something common with OD&D, but not everything. I should still have my copy somewhere, but I don't know where it is! So big chance is that I don't have it anymore. Three books, boxed set, awesome! I must buy this some day again. Every now and then can be found online.

2. Same as above, ANKH.

3. Same as above, ANKH. It was found in a normal department store's toys section! How cool.

4. Most recent? Well, 1/10/2014 is today, I ordered four Basic D&D books translated in Finnish this Tuesday. I shouldn't spend money on RPGs but hey, what can I do?

5. 1E Monster Manual is my oldest RPG book owned, thus most old-school.

6. Probably Kult. I love the setting, but never actually play it. I have used bits of it every now and then here and there, but it's 15 years or so since I actually played it.

7. Vampire, maybe. If you play it right... humanity, hard choices, being an outsider etc. Vampire can turn into a bloodfest with right people, but with the other kind of players (who like mirror shades, The Cure and trenchcoats) 100 sessions can pass without any action. Just dead emotional dudes talking shit.

8. Trevor Mortis for Vampire: the Dark Ages was fun to play, but a GM nightmare! I sometimes forgot how to be a good player because I've GMed so much! So I did what I wanted to do making my character a total jerk. I learned, that abusing RPG freedom trying to make a cool character sucks so bad.

9. At the moment my favourite die is orange D6 from Mythoard. It's damn neat! My favorite die set is my custom built D&D/OSR set I use. Several dice in different colors (white, red, selected etc). No clear fancy dice, just normal solid colors. I like that custom built set a lot!

10. Vanha Koira (Old Dog) by Ville Vuorela is based on Petri Hiltunen's comics in which a RPG Praedor is based on. Low grit low fantasy.

11. I don't own weird stuff, but Mutant Future can get pretty gonzo, in a good way!

12. I'd say BECMI, because I read it and I play it through OSR games.

13. Most memorable because it sucked a lot. My character had an argument with another player character. The other player character decided to push me with his maul. GM was a dick so damage roll had to be made normally, even though the player said he didn't mean to hurt me, just knock. Critical shit and my character lost a hand. Low magic, so my character without right hand was boring (damn off-hand penalties). My protest was character suicide. Nice GM he was, because of that my new character started game with negative experience points. Good times (not).

14. - 15. Not been in any convention.

16. Arcana Rising. Modern day urban fantasy, why not! I won't touch Vampire (or other WoD games) with a long stick as they are, so this might do the trick for that kind of needs. Also I like Hulks & Horrors. And there's cyberpunk sourcebook for this also!

17. Funny moments for sure, but funny game? I don't think I've played purposely funny RPG ever. Paranoia maybe? But it was more ass-hattery than actual fun.

18. Basic/Expert style rules. BRP is second. It is simple and stays in the background.

19. The original Death Frost Doom because it enlightened me to published adventures. Before I never ever used published adventures, but now I find those fun and entertaining to read, good inspiration and idea mines and actually fun to run.

20. I've only played 22 years or so. And believe me, my taste has changed so many times. I hope I'll be playing OSR games, because I feel those games have infinite possibilites, easy modification, simple but fun rules.

21. Can Mythos be licensed? If yes, then Call of Cthulhu. If no, then... haven't played many licensed RPGs. I think that trying to play a licensed game is always trying too hard and it always fails the great of the book/movie it is based on. Except for CoC/Mythos, because there's not too strong background in it with meta and things like that.

22. BECMI + other things. I so wanted to get basic and expert books of D&D because I am into B/X similacrum games. And I wanted to have Finnish translation of Basic for reference use (English to Finnish terms). Now I got Finnish basic + expert, companion, master and immortals. Best second hand purchase I can ever get!

23. We are going into LotFP section of my bookshelf here. Because I don't own A Red And Pleasant Land (yet), I have to say Carcosa! Many LotFP books are magnificent with colors and stuff, but there's something extremely cool in Carcosa book. The feel on your finger tips, minimalistic layout with awesome pictures and details on pages. Colors. Everything. This seriously is not only coolest LotFP book I got but also coolest any book I got!

24. Hey! I don't have complicated RPGs! Pendragon is meaty, but I think most complicated must be 2nd or 3rd edition D&D.

25. My girlfriend doesn't want to play All Flesh Must Be Eaten! Too tragic, she says. I have to sneak zombies in other games, then.

26. Probably something Dyson Logos made. But coolest original sheet? World Of Darkness sheets are pretty cool.

27. Kult. I don't know, some easy simple fast quick rules so players can focus on OH THE HORRORS.

28. Kult. Damn horrific setting with so much awesome and nightmares and insanity and DO NOT WANT.

29. When my player in Mutant Future saw Zunicorns. She likes horses, but zunicorns weren't that nice to her!

30. Dwarf-Land. Should not be available online and only DIY prints shared.

31. Of all time? Can something I've loved for like 2 years be all time? If so, basic and expert style rules are my new love. All time favourite is ANKH even though I haven't played it for 18 years.

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