Thursday, 14 August 2014

I got mail... from the USA!

I love getting mail from the USA. Because I know it is some RPG stuff (and if it is not, its still awesome because I wouldn't have an idea what it would be). And I know it usually is some RPG stuff what is not that easily available here in Finland (yes I can order everything but you get the point - yes?).

Anyways, today after work I found this in my mailbox:

Addresses remain secrets.

Seeing that the sender is +David Brawley I knew what it is. Well, I didn't, because there would be FOUR different possible options what it would be. Why?

Because David Brawley held a competition in his blog, where you sent him a random table and then he randomly chose four winners to get four free RPG day products. Check that post here:

Lucky me with my Swampcrawlthingy (Get it here) I was one of the four!

What I won? This:
A choose your own adventure playbook with dinosaurs (well that's how much I got from the cover anyways).

This is cool because:
1. Dinosaurs
2. Everyone who is awesome and cool loves dinosaurs but dinosaurs don't get enuf love in fiction and games
3. It's been a while since I played choose-your-own-adventure so it's about time to have some solo fun!

Also, you SHOULD follow David Brawley's blog Tower Of The Archmage because from there you will find (eventually, that's why you should start following) all 12 contest tables.

Start here with first four:

When I got time, I am planning to make Swampcrawl thingie more... complete. Before it, please tell me what you think of it!

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