Friday, 13 June 2014

The second review of The Hanging Garden after I actually Labyrinth Lorded it

Here is the original review in my blog

What I noticed, adventures read differently than they play. I mean, I did like the adventure but it didn't yell awesome. But when I ran it using Labyrinth Lord for my girlfriend's Elf and her NPC crew I actually enjoyed the adventure a lot. And so did she!

The adventure was damn easy to run. I am not very experienced running pre-made adventures of other people in my games, so this was a success. I did not struggle a bit and everything went extremely smooth. And I didn't suffer those oops wait a second, I forgot there's this and you can't be there yet because moments.

+1 for the adventure being extremely simple to run.

But the adventure did need some preparation time using random table to generate those spoiler hidden. It was fun though and I think this table could be re-used later. Maybe even to re-skin those spoiler hidden into other monsters.

+1 for this neat little tool.

Also adventure hooks were damn simple. Adventurers want to adventure, right. I used two of the six rumors in one tavern (don't adventures start at tavern) when two guys were talking and arguing what is going on. Both rumors were naturally wrong but not that far off. As in something suspicious and bad is going on.

+1 for rumors here.

Hojo from Final Fantasy VII became
Erymos Elmyndmor of Hanging Gardens!
The bad professor dude wasn't described that well leaving me a lot of space. I wanted the finale not only being rolling-dice-and-hitting-stuff and wanted the professor to be someone. So I googled "fantasy professor" and chose the first what showed up. That's the picture on the left.

Then I put some Final Fantasy and j-rpg style combat music playing in background and the mood was damn prefect! The professor was so j-rpg mad fantasy scientist and those monsters were so j-rpg/Biohazard mutants. Loved the scene and combat!

And player did too. When Erymos was defeated there was a scene in Anime fashion. Dying professor in character's hand being all moody and stuff.


And my player left the place moody and feeling unhappy about killing the professor. Success!

I say, download this adventure (HERE) and run it for your group. Then run here and tell how it went! I am very, very curious to hear other Referees' experiences with this adventure. Because as I said, I am new to pre-mades.

So to wrap this up:

  • I liked this
  • Easy and simple to run
  • Player liked it
  • Fun monster generator

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