Saturday, 28 June 2014

This is my birthday RPG PDF haul

My birthday was 27. day of this month. I decided I want to get some roleplaying game products. I know that there's lots of great stuff I am not aware of. For example HACK! is awesome but I didn't know it existed before +Jonas Mustonen gave it for me.

So I decided I'll ask great people from Google plus to give me some suggestions what I should get. OSR pay-what-you-want products. I thought I'd get lots of suggestions but was a little disappointed, because I basically got only three! +Dyson Logos suggested I should get his stuff. Christopher Paul and Dyson both suggested me to check out +Rafael Chandler stuff when he showed up and gave me his creations! Thousands of thanks Rafael Chandler. Incredibly awesome and kind of you!

Dyson's stuff:
Rafael's stuff:

My girlfriend also gave me a couple of suggestions and rest I got from my wishlist.

+Corey Brin suggested me to get Delve! but that didn't quite fit what I was looking for. I did wishlisted it though for future purchase! Thanks it looks interesting and I'd like to hear more of it.

Here's the stuff I got. These are not reviews but quick impressions. In no particular order.

Bad Myrmidon. This I had already bought. But I didn't pay attention that this was the Rafael Chandler I enjoy following (this sounds weird) in Google Plus. Cool looking hexcrawl.

Hexcommunicate. Novel by Rafael Chandler. In format that I can upload it in my phone. Yes, this is going to be my good night book. Technofantasytriller or something I suppose.

Roll XX and Roll XX: Double Damage. Two books of random tables of wide variety. I love stuff like this! By Rafael Chandler.

SlaughterGrid. An adventure module with small hexcrawl. I had to shuffle this and wow. This is what I like. Gruesome and weird and its got a playlist too! Not for faint hearted I suppose. By Rafael Chandler.

Teratic Tome. Hell yeah monster manual from Rafael Chandler. Fucking hell yeah! (Sorry vulgar and strong language but this is awesome!) People who whine that Lamentations of the Flame Princess doesn't have a monster manual get this. Now!

 ViewScream. Some kind of hangouts application plugin to turn your hangouts into... space horror game? I have no idea what I am talking about. Interesting this is. By abovementioned Rafael.

 Weird West. My girlfriend wanted me to have a western RPG so I checked my wishlist and found this. Looks like simple rules that fit into pocketmod.

The Tomb Of Rakoss The Undying. I wanted to see this so I got this. Finally.

Drop. Sounded interesting but I think this is too much indie-new-school-forge what ever... so the rules tell what happens and what you do and that's it. Interesting premise but not my style of gaming at all. Still, going to give it a shot.

Dungeon From A Distant Star. Suggested by girlfriend. Looks interesting, but presentation is dull.

Dyson's Dodecahedron, issues 2, 3, 6, 7, 8. These were most interesting and those what I could use in my current Labyrinth Lord campaign. Really good stuff. Need to buy ink and then it's booklet time!

Guidebook To The City Of Dolmvay. Finally I got this! And damn it's huge! I am a little worried it is too big for my preferences.

The Starship From Hell. Random tables to create hellish starships. Yeah. Horror scifi and random tables. Yeah! By Rafael Chandler.

Stars Without Number. Free edition. Girlfriend loves Fading Suns but now is crazy about OSR/D20 rules so she wanted me to get a scifi rpg. This is one I got.

 Where Is Margesh Blackblood. This is what my girlfriend wanted. Going to run this for her then!

X-Plorers. Free no art version. Second option for scifi rpg. Let's see what my girlfriend likes more.

So, that's it!

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