Saturday, 28 June 2014

[Review] Norman's Gone Missing

This is a micro adventure by +Tim Shorts . See the webpage Gothridge Manor to download it. There's also other micro adventures available you might be interested in.

This is not only a review but also a game report! So there be spoilers, be alerted!

The adventure is one page with a nicely colored map and easy descriptions. The adventure is easy to prepare and easy to run. It is actually more like an encounter than an adventure. The great thing is you can actually put it in the middle of your campaign very easily to make those travels from destination A to B more interesting.

The adventure is simple. Norman's gone missing, and you should find him. He's easy to find. Just follow the trail. The most fun surprise is a zombie what has a cool trick when you blast him with spells. Funny part when I ran this was that my player's character is an Elf who is used to blast Magic Missiles on anything. When the zombie's head grew my player asked me:
"Is this normal? Is this supposed to happen?" Unfortunately zombie needed too many magic blasts to make its head explode, so that funny effect didn't happen.

If I ran this the next time I would modify the magic hits so the zombie's head would explode more easily. What's the fun writing a zombie-balloon-head if it doesn't happen that easily!

And the final part of this micro adventure actually gave me a really big plot inspiration for my whole Longland campaign. Maybe that's a purpose? To start something with the ending? Worked for me. Actually it didn't start anything as the campaign had already started but it did give me a lot inspiration how the big bad would be now. So thank you for that, Norman!

A fun encounter. Not that rewarding. Easy to run. Easy to put almost anywhere in your campaign where there's a road. Funny zombie but the fun didn't happen in my game...

Nothing spectacular but I did like this! Really handy when you need to take a break in the game but don't want to take a break in gaming. Also small encounters make characters' every day travelling and life a lot better.


Special thanks to +Erik Tenkar because from his blog I originally found this micro adventure.

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