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[LLtFFL] Derek The Wizardslayer, Cleric NPC

As a paladin of his order, Derek The Wizardslayer is in an eternal quest to slave evil, chaotic and
malevolent wizards in the realm. He is not afraid of death as he believes this is his personal absolution. What crimes against his faith he has done are untold but he is zealot for his cause. If others have same goals as his he will accompany them. He doesn't care about other's sins, as other souls' remission is not his concern.

Name: Derek The Wizardslayer
Class/Race: Human Cleric
Alignment: Good
Level: 7th
Age: 37

Hit Points: 30
AC: 4

STR: 13 (+1 to hit, damage, forcing doors)
DEX: 10
CON: 14 (+1 HP per HD)
INT: 9
WIS: 15 (+1 Saving throw mod. to all magic effects, +5% exp)
CHA: 14 (-1 reac. adj., 5 ret., 8 ret. morale)

1st level = 4 (Detect Evil x2, Protection From Evil, Cure Light Wounds) 
2nd level = 3 (Know Alignment x2, Bless)
3rd level = 2 (Remove Curse, Dispel Magic)
4th level = 1 (Create Food And Water)

- Travellers equipment in a backpack, 2 torches, sleeping back, knife, etc. you usually need)
- Rations for 3 days
- Silver holy symbol
- Holy Water, 4 portions
- Heavy Flail (dmg 1d8(+1)
- Banded Mail (AC 4)
- Mule

50 gp
124 sp
34 cp


Campaign notes: Derek might be a bit high level to accompany a first/second level player character, but there's a point to that. Derek will step into the campaign to make a fight against a Spectre easier for the character. As fighting this Spectre Derek the Cleric will be level drained to a 3rd level (to still be able to give a hand for the character at the beginning of her journey).

The spells listed are those he usually has prayed.

This naturally is devastating for Derek The Wizardslayer, as his power is drained. How will it affect him psychologically? That's where the npc roleplaying starts.

PS: I love the Cleric picture in Labyrinth Lord!

The picture .jpg is called "cormarren.jpg". I have no idea who the artist is or where the picture originates. I took it from here:

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