Sunday, 4 May 2014

Fabulorbis, my Labyrinth Lord world

Lat. fabulosa, means fabulous and orbis means world. Together they are Fabulorbis, a world of myth, mystery and fantasy!

Actually I just invented Fabulorbis for my blog to "label" certain posts under. The point is that I am currently running Labyrinth Lord and want everything I design for this campaign to be a permanent part of a fantasy setting world. Creating and inhabiting a world while playing I thought is a good idea. Also if Labyrinth Lord is visited again with a new character there will be lots of familiar things for the player already from previous game(s).

I know there are settings created so you don't have to do it yourself, but I find pre-made settings complicated to run. There's so many things you should try to remember and adapt and I don't like to run someone else's ideas and (home)world. But there's one setting I am interested in, Mithgarthr (more I write that name more I hate it!) Just waiting it to be a little more complete.

Anyways, the world, the planet, the microuniversums and planes and heavens and hells and dimensions and everything for Labyrinth Lord is one setting, called Fabulorbis. The "earth" (planet) will be big enough to contain many continents with different themes (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, USA, Antarktis even today are totally different from each other). It will be big enough to hold Forgotten Realms somewhere if I wanted to (the 3rd edition FR campaign book is as interesting as watching does stones move or not - horriblehorribleboring).

At the moment there currently is only one place decided, called Longland (because it is more long than wide, duh). This is a picture scanned with a phone here of the hex map for the Longland:

F56 is the "starting" city, for my campaign Forgotten Legend Lives, is called The Village of Brenton's Bend (link to map at Dyson's Dodecahedron, one of the best rpg cartographers in the UNIVERSE).

The X right above it at F54 is Graveyard Of Dusk (view post here, download unedited PDF here).

The rest of Longland will be revealed during the play, but I got plans. Yes, I got plans...

Anyways, posts behind Fabulorbis label will contain setting material I create. They are for Fabulorbis but as you now already know, Fabulorbis is a kitchen sink name for everything Labyrinth Lord game. So, feel free to grab what you like for your own campaign, as it also is part of FABULORBIS!

Oh, I've tried to create the world with Donjon Fantasy World Generator, but it's always crowded!

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