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[LL] The Forgotten Legend Lives character (with a multiclassing draft! Alternative Elf casting!)

The Forgotten Legend Lives is a Labyrinth Lord campaign I am running for a single player. Here in my blog I already wrote an overview of rules I planned to use. Some have changed for example not at this point using Advanced Edition Characters for player character. Instead the game starts with race-as-class (as in LL core book) and later there are options to multiclass.

Character Creation

Abilities were rolled 4d6 assign as you want as this is a single player game and I wanted the character to be a little more special than just a basic 3d6 in order. Also I wanted player to have some power on the results to create a character she wants to play.

Starting Hit Points equal to Constitution score. This is for a simple reason that this is going to be a campaign of a character and her story, not a survival of the fittest (or cunningest!). Hit Points advance as the original class.

There will be a multiclassing option but I am not still sure how to make it work easily. The experience progression chart is as Fighters for a simple reason. Less numbers to track than with Elf (almost 4x needed compared to Fighter) and it doesn't really matter, as this is with one player.

MULTICLASSING DRAFT: The idea of multiclassing is that all class levels together is character level. The exp needed for next level is character level and Fighter exp chart. At the beginning when advancing a level player can choose (for Elf character) does she take the best benefices from Elf class, Fighter class or Magic-User class (as Elven are Fighter-M-U's anyways). What ever are the highest numbers compared to current are marked as new numbers. Some may have worse saves but get better to-hit or more spells. Some hit better but don't get spells etc. This should be simple enough but at this point is only a draft. I think it'll be finished during the gameplay.
Also other classes are available when character meets some requirements; for Clerics joining an order, Thieves need a quild etc. Race cannot be changed naturally!

Also Elven magic works differently from Magic-Users. As Magic-Users need to learn the spells Elven magic is natural and innate. As Elf levels (her Elf class) she gains new spells as powers. She can cast as many spells levels as her Elf level + WIS bonus per day.

Example: A 3rd level Elf with +2 WIS bonus can cast has 5 spell points. She can cast 5 1st level spells, two second level spells and one 1st level spells, one 3rd level spell and two 1st levels or one 2nd level spell etc. The spell points are re-gained after a rest.

If all the spells points are used for a day Elf can try to spontaneously cast a spell. Save versus Spells or Spell-like Devices - spell level. If successful, the spell is cast as normal. If a failure, spell level damage to hit points is suffered as a system shock.

If the Elf multiclasses to Magic-User the Elven innate spells and learned Magic-User spells are kept separate from each other, as other are innate powers, other learned and memorized.

Other things were by the book.

The character didn't have any starting gold so her starting equipment was just slave's/prisoner's rag. But she did have two magical items randomly rolled from Labyrinth Lord's random magic items charts.

Other item is a weapon player could choose to roll from the three charts; Rods, staves and wands, or swords or miscellaneous weapons. She chose a sword to be rolled.

Also a random magic item was to be rolled.

Also because player chose to be an Elf and when her legendary destiny is to be revealed (in game) I'll let her roll for a subclass from Dyson's d12 elven subclasses. But that is to become later.

Character Background

The character doesn't remember her past etc. For this there are two reasons. The player is not familiar with the setting so as the setting is revealed for the character as she adventures there also the player learns about the setting. The Elves are extremely rare in the setting to make things more logical why this particular "hero" Elf doesn't know much. Also she's from another place than this so this is all new to her. There is a story behind why she doesn't remember anything (generic vanilla fantasy - that's the point in this!), but the plot story doesn't belong here at all.

Second reason is that I've toyed a lot with a campaign similar to Elder Scrolls (particularly Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim) and all those games start with the player character imported to the adventure location without a clue what is going on. And in all those game the player is destined (a legend) to not only save the day but the whole adventure area!

So yeah, this is nothing innovative, but I haven't ran games like this for like 15 years or so, so this is what and how I want to do it.

Only hints to the characters past and who she is are the two magic items she holds.

These things are revealed in game reports I am planning to post here as the game advances (3rd session done, 0 posted here!)

Character Sheet

Character Name: Amaro Utharo
Class/Race: Elf
Alignment: Good
Level: 1
Age: ?

Hit Points: 12 (as CON)
Armor Class: 8 (-1 from DEX)

STR: 8
DEX: 13
CON: 12
INT: 15
WIS: 14
CHA: 10

OTHER ABILITIES: Lorimer (I have no idea what this is and when I asked the player wasn't sure either. So if anyone know what Lorimer (or Iomirer) is please let me know...

60ft. infravision
- search 2/6
-immunity to paralysis
- spell: Magic Missile

- Sword +2 (+3 against giants) with a dragon headed handle (this is not only a weapon but also a plot-item!!!)
- Tome of stealth (xp-boost for Thief and Assassin)

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