Wednesday, 6 January 2016

D-oom Products webstore at HOLVI

As you might already know, I sell my products at RPGNow (both prints and pdfs) and Games On Board (pdfs). In addition to these great sites I've opened my own webstore at HOLVI. And I ship internationally!

From there you not only find my publications (Dragon Union, Mead & Mayhem, Temple Of Greed, Pamphlet 1: Fields Of Forsaken) but great material from others too, like from GM Games, 3 Toadstools, SL&VL.. and more to come!

Not only focusing on prints, basement prints and pdfs, I also sell dice!

I am looking forward adding more items to my store.
If you're interested, contact me! (

Oh... I also create OSR material with Patreon. Go check it out!

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